30W Smart Solar Street Light

30W Smart Solar Street Light

LED street light use SMD 3030 LED lamp bead light source , high thermal conductivity aluminum lamp shell and radiating body, high light transmittance lens,
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Product Details

LED street light use SMD 3030 LED lamp bead light source , high thermal conductivity aluminum lamp shell and radiating body, high light transmittance lens, High light  transmittance lens. Compared with the traditional street light, it has lots of unique features, such as more efficient, energy-saving, more security and environmental, long lifespan, quicker response and higher CRI. It will be the best to replace traditional high pressure street light, besides, it’s also the best choice to light square, school personal garden and so on.

Product Description:

The second generation of integrated solar street light adopts high-efficiency single crystal photovoltaic panel, intelligent MPPT controller, long-life lithium battery, high luminous efficiency lamp bead, integrated in integrated design, easy to install and use, and has microwave induction and RGB lantern design. Multi-function lighting.

High efficiency monocrystalline solar panels:

360-degree rotation design: make up for the defects that traditional integrated solar street lamps can not rotate solar panels at multiple angles, and apply to different latitudes and different orientations to adapt to more complex installation environments.

Ingredients: The second generation of integrated solar street light panels are made of high-quality monolithic high-efficiency monocrystalline silicon. High-efficiency monocrystalline silicon solar panels are widely used in space stations and satellites, and their conversion rate is higher than that of polycrystalline silicon solar panels. 20%-30%, the highest conversion rate can reach 20%, the charging speed is faster.


1.Best Materials- Alluminum alloy and outdoor PC + Thick leaf heat sink + complete-plate-made support= Strong + Best Heat dissipation,

2.Colorful flashlight on lamp as decoration lamp, can turn on / off this function at will.

3.Solar panel seperated, installation directions and the capacity of solar panel can change at will.

4.Stable microwave sensor, longger detect distance

5.140°wide lighting angle, bring same lighting results with shotor pole

6.Easier to maintance than other model, change battery just need 1 min.

7.Constant current discharge stable lighting + Night sensor + Microwave motion sensor + Time Controller(6,8,10,12hrs for choose)+ Remoter.

Working principle:

When there is light radiation, the photovoltaic module uses solar radiation to generate electricity, converting light energy into electrical energy. The intelligent controller is used to charge the input energy of the battery, and at the same time, the overcharge and overdischarge of the battery are protected, and the illumination and illumination of the illumination source are intelligently controlled without manual operation.

User-friendly design, easy to assemble and disassemble:

The second-generation solar street light adopts an integrated design, the lamp body has no glue, and the battery has a special waterproof box for fixing, and the internal structure of the lamp is concise and reliable. Compared with other similar products in the market that are not removable and replaceable, the second generation integrated street lamp components are easy to maintain and replace, saving costs. At the same time, all the wires are waterproof and male and female, and the connectors are labeled, which has the function of preventing misconnection. The design of the heart, reflecting the rigorous and humane lighting custom spirit.


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