Simple LED Lawn Waterproof Lamp

Simple LED Lawn Waterproof Lamp

Quick details: Name:simple LED lawn waterproof lamp Place of Origin:Shenzhen, china Application: Garden Model Number: GL003 Lawn Solar Lamp Color: White Light,Warm White Light,Colorfull Material: Stainless steel+Plastic IP: IP54 Light Type: Solar Size: 38*5.5cm Led Solar lawn Light Voltage: 220V...
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Product Details

Quick details:

Name:simple LED lawn waterproof lamp

Place of Origin:Shenzhen,china


Model Number:GL003 Lawn Solar Lamp

Color:White Light,Warm White Light,Colorfull

Material:Stainless steel+Plastic


Light Type:Solar

Size:38*5.5cm Led Solar lawn Light


IP Rating:IP65


Switch: OFF/ON switch,automatic light sensing function

Battery:Built-in AAA rechargeable battery 600mA NI-MH 1.2V

Packing:2 Lights in White box

Real shooting:


  1. In order to keep the light on longer, put the battery deeper and accelerate the loss of the battery, the similar products copied from us on the market basically have no overflush and overdischarge protection function. Our IC can only provide overflush overdischarge protection function of the battery, which greatly extends the battery life.

  2. Year white LED, specially designed lampshade can refract the optical fiber to form a beam of light, the combination of light and shadow makes the night scene more charming, creating a more warm range.

  3. Compared with ordinary rechargeable batteries, the number of recharging times of lithium iron phosphate ampere are multiplied, which reduces the battery and cost.The battery adopts terminal socket, which is more stable than the ordinary battery pole plate battery, and avoids the defect caused by deficiency welding or leakage welding.

assembly method:

simple LED lawn waterproof lamp3

DIY method of application:

Step 1: assemble the parts according to the instructions, then tear off the protective film on the solar panel and put it in the trash can.


Step 2: keep your solar panels in direct sunlight, away from other objects or shade.In places where the sun is not charged or cannot receive direct sunlight, the lighting time at night will be shortened. Do not place the solar panels in the high-light street lamp, which may not turn on the light due to strong light

Step 3: before the first use, please turn off the light switch and charge it in the sunshine for 24 hours

The 4th step: after charging 2 days, put in the place that needs illume to be able to, arrive evening meeting is automatic bright light, day meeting is automatic off lamp is charged.

Step 5: please keep the solar panel clean, regularly wipe the surface with a wet cloth dust or other debris, too much dust or debris will reduce the efficiency of the solar panel charging.

Step 6: the rechargeable battery can be recharged several times. When the sunlight is sufficient and the lighting time is reduced to less than four hours, please replace the battery.


Advanced equipment, sophisticated technology: we have fully automatic assem product production line, sophisticated testing equipment, professional staff.

Quality assurance, cost-effective: professional production, strict control of quality, cost optimization, price more affordable!

Quality service, so that you are satisfied: 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


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