Full spectrum LED grow light

Full spectrum LED grow light

Product details: Name:Led Garden Motion Sensor Wall Light Solar Voltage:3.7V, 3.7v Rated Power:8W, 8w Light Type:Solar, LED
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Product Details

Product details:

This full spectrum LED light is suitable for all stages of plant growth and soil and water culture. It can be used for indoor potted plants, gardens, greenhouses and farms, flower shows, bonsai, etc.

This lamp can solve the problem that insufficient sunshine leads to the decline of taste of vegetables in greenhouses, such as tomatoes and cucumbers.

Warm reminder:

(1) the luminaire shall not be applicable to dripping water or any wet place, water and static electricity may damage the luminaire;

(2) the working environment of lamps is -20~40℃,45%RH~90%RH;

(3)Do not disassemble with the permission or help of a non-professional.


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