Draw Green Solar Lights Outdoor Motion Sensor

Draw Green Solar Lights Outdoor Motion Sensor

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Product Details

I.Product parameters:

1. Solar panels: 5.5v, 400 mA, 2.2w.

2. Lithium battery: 3.7v /4400mA/18650 lithium battery.

3. Sensor: infrared sensor.

4. Working mode: light control is always bright, human body induction, human body induction + micro-bright.

5. On time: 5-8 hours, and charge for 6 hours under sufficient light.

II.0 electricity fee, no wiring, easy installation, lightning proof and waterproof, never afraid of storm.

PC mask +UV anti-uv composition´╝îResistant to high temperature and yellowing.

Thickened aluminum lamp body, high strength, high hardness, strong and resistant to falling

Integrated fine sand pattern, increases heat dissipation intensity, and guarantees the service life of solar LED lamp for more than five years.

Working mode: first gear: human body induction (highlight: after the induction distance of 15 seconds, the light will be off and the light will be on) .

(2). Weak light + human body induction (medium light: after the induction distance of 15 seconds, the light will be on and the light will be on) .

(3). Low light is always bright (no matter who you are or not).

[induction distance] : 2-5 meters;

[battery life] : open it 15 times per day according to induction, charge in sunny days (more than 8 hours), and last for about 15 days;

[product features] : solar energy charging, conventional highlight beads, human body induction, engineering ABS plastic.

III.Product advantages:

6 solar outdoor waterproof human body infrared induction wall lamp energy conservation and environmental protection, green lighting, long life, durable, low rate of breakdown maintenance, no radiation high stability, simple installation, only can use 1 screws to fix the product outside in the sun light metope), easy to use, intelligent induction control, without having to adjust light, energy saving, and make your home more beautiful and intelligent.

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