Mini Telescope-Shaped LED Solar Camping Lamp

Mini Telescope-Shaped LED Solar Camping Lamp

Material: ABS plastic
pattern: white, purple (white light, purple attract mosquito)
effective range: 16-22ft
brightness: 30 lumens
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Material: ABS plastic

pattern: white, purple (white light, purple attract mosquito)

effective range: 16-22ft

brightness: 30 lumens

solar panels: high quality polycrystalline silicon solar panels, 2 V 100mA

Power consumption: 2 pcs led, 0.2 W

Battery: 1 * 1.2V 600 mAh Rechargeable AA Battery (Battery is not removable)

Working time: 6 hours during the day and 10 hours at night

installation: hanging, flat, inserted


1 * mosquito lamp

1 * plug nails


1. Solar charging, energy-saving

2. Dual mode, hanging and plug-in type

3. Switch has been open, is the light control, automatic charging during the day automatically open at night

EFFECTIVE & SAFE: Ultraviolet light attracts mosquitoes into the trap without using chemicals or poisons

COVERAGE: Protect up to 300 sq ft around your home and office

POWER-SAVING: Only uses 3 Watts of power

EASY TO CLEAN: Odor-free, super easy to clean and reusable for many seasons

LIGHTWEIGHT: Ultralight for easy hanging to keep mosquitoes away

There are two working modes for integrated light: full power working mode and energy saving working mode.

Energy saving working mode means the light will dim to 30 % working efficiency when nobody passes by. When people or vehicle passe by, the sensor will detect the motion and the light will lighten up to 100% efficiency. The brightness of the light will be reduced gradually to 25% after the people and vehicle pass away.

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