Why Do LED Street Lights Need To Be Installed On New Rural Roads?

- Apr 17, 2019-

Why do LED street lights need to be installed on new rural roads?

The current LED street lights are very popular. Not only can they be seen in the new rural areas, but the towns are also about to be occupied by them. The street lamps are highly respected in the countryside. Of course, there are reasons for this.

1, the installation cost is very low

LED street lights rely on renewable energy, without the need for expensive non-renewable power resources, which are more energy efficient, environmentally friendly and economical. The street lamps of the mains need to lay a lot of cables and wires, which requires a lot of manpower and material resources. The cost naturally goes up, and if there are many people using electricity, it is likely to cause a tight supply situation during the peak season. Street lights are not only easy to install, but there is no such concern.

2, long life

Compared with the traditional electric lamp, the street lamp adopts the lamp head of the LED light source. We all know LED street lights, but the lifespan has been very long, and the light source is better than others. We usually classify it as a low-consumption product, so that the street light that installs the LED light source has a long life.

3, safe and reliable

The safety of LED street lights is recognized. It uses an intelligent controller that monitors and balances the current and voltage of the battery. When there is any problem with the current, it will automatically power off. Usually the voltage is very low, basically controlled at around 12V to 24V, and there is no leakage of the verified street lamp, so as to avoid electric shock and fire and other man-made disasters.

These are the three major benefits of LED streetlights. This is why new rural areas are increasingly favoring the installation of streetlights on the road. I believe that in the near future, technology will become more mature and the prospects will be better and better.

Advantages of LED street lights

1. It is more durable, the service life can reach more than two years, and it is also very energy-saving, and can be used under the pressure, which is relatively safe.

2. It is a green, renewable resource that has a positive effect on alleviating other conventional energy shortages.

3, LED street light is easier to install than other street lights, self-contained system, no need to dig trenches, only need a base to fix, after all the control parts and lines are placed in the light stand, you can use it directly.

4. Although there are many LED street light components, the quality requirements are generally higher, and the price is relatively higher, but it can save a lot of electricity bills. In the long run, it is also a very important advantage.