When Choosing The Power Level Of The LED Street Light,

- Apr 18, 2019-

When choosing the power level of the LED street light, these three points must be considered!

With the maturity of LED technology, more and more traditional street lamps have been replaced with LED street lights. Because of its energy saving and environmental protection, high brightness and other advantages have been widely promoted and applied by street lamp manufacturers. However, when we choose the power level of the LED street light, we can't refer to the standard of selecting the traditional street lamp power. Because the brightness of the LED street lamp can reach three times the brightness of the traditional high-pressure sodium lamp-based street lamp under the same power, so when we choose the LED street lamp power, Be sure to consider the following three points.

First, the use of LED street lights

When selecting the LED street light power, first of all, it is necessary to clarify the use of the LED street light. Where is the installation location, the main main uses are: industrial parks, pedestrian streets, commercial streets, regular roads and lighting street lights of various types of organs. In the case of different uses, the power of the selected LED street light is also different.

Second, the length of LED street lighting

In some areas, there are also requirements for lighting time. If the requirement is long-time lighting, the requirements for LED street lights are relatively high, especially for its heat dissipation requirements. If the LED street light is more powerful, the need for heat dissipation is greater. Therefore, when choosing the power of LED street lights, we must also consider the length of lighting time. .

Third, the height of the LED street light

For the poles of street lamps, the length requirements are different. There are many poles of other heights such as 3 meters, 6 meters, 9 meters, 11 meters, etc., but the height of the LED street lamps with high power is definitely smaller than that. The power of the street lamp is high, so when the customer chooses the power of the LED street lamp, it is necessary to clarify the height of the street lamp pole, and investigate the actual situation in various aspects in advance.

In fact, in the outdoor road lighting project, the LED street light with higher power is better, and the LED street light power should be considered in many aspects, while ensuring its practicability and lighting effect. Nowadays, the LED street lamp lamp head generally uses the heat conduction plate method, and uses a 5 mm thick copper plate which is actually a uniform temperature plate, but its weight is generally large, because the heat sink is added for heat dissipation. However, the weight problem is the most important part of the whole system of the lamp head. The height of the general lamp head will be more than 6 meters. If it is too heavy, it will increase its danger, especially in natural problems such as earthquakes and typhoons. accident.