What Factors Are Related To The Price Of LED Street Lamps?

- Aug 08, 2019-

The price is always one of the most interesting topics for people. What factors are related to and determined by the price of LED street lamps? This has to be analyzed from the important components of LED street lamps. LED street lamp consists of three parts: lamp pole, arm and lamp head. The price, of course, depends on three factors.

1. material of lamp pole

There are two kinds of lamp-posts for street lamps. One is Q235 steel, which is what we call tapered rod. It is thin at the top and thick at the bottom, with a certain taper. With a taper of 11 or 12, this material is very strong and is currently the best-selling street lamp material. There is also a size bar, material for galvanized steel pipe, this relatively low price. The second is the lamp pole process, the lamp pole process has hot galvanizing, cold galvanizing two kinds, hot galvanizing is also called electroplating, anticorrosion and oxidation resistance is particularly strong, the service life of more than 25 years, no doubt the cost is also on the high side. Compared with the same diameter of cold galvanized process, a set of prices to about 100 yuan higher. But the instructions for cold galvanizing are only about 5 years old.

2. arms

The length of the arm, the style of the arm and the technology of the arm will affect the price of the whole LED street lamp. Arm length, the corresponding cost is higher. Arms are complex and cost more than simple arms. Of course, the most important or process, some manufacturers are hot galvanized light poles, but the arm without hot galvanized, the price will not be the same.

3. street light head

The price of lamp head is decided by lamp head shell, chip brand, lumen and driver. There are many types of lamp head shell, thickness is different, so it is really different styles, different prices, different thickness, different prices. The chip also has many kinds of brand, brightness is good, the service life is long, the cost will be higher. Driving is the core part of the street lamp head. The quality of the street lamp head directly affects the quality of the whole street lamp head.

To sum up, there is no fixed price for LED street lamps, and they have different requirements and prices. Therefore, we will calculate the price of the whole lamp according to the needs of customers.