What Are The Precautions For Purchasing And Installing Led Garden Lights?

- Apr 13, 2019-

What are the precautions for purchasing and installing led garden lights?

Led garden lights, for many friends, are also very familiar, especially in recent years, with the continuous improvement of people's living standards, more and more friends will choose to install led garden lights. It can be said that the type of led garden lights is also very much, in addition to European-style led garden lights, as well as classical courtyards, then what are the things to pay attention to when purchasing and installing led garden lights? Today, Xiaobian will give you a brief introduction.

Led garden light purchase

1, look at the courtyard style

When choosing the LED garden light, it is necessary to look at the style of the courtyard. If the style of the courtyard is simple and modern, then when choosing, you should choose the simple courtyard light. . However, if there are some private villas, then when choosing, you can choose some classical or European style led garden lights, which can better reflect the elegance and taste of the villa owner, and the overall look is very effective. Ok.

2, look at the color temperature of led garden lights

In addition to looking at the overall style of the courtyard, it is also necessary to pay attention to the color temperature of the led garden light. Generally speaking, when choosing the color temperature, it is also necessary to look at the color temperature. Too cold, it is best to choose some color temperature is softer and warmer.

Led garden light installation

When the led garden lights are arranged, they also need to be arranged according to a certain plan. It is best to arrange according to the size of the road, but not too concentrated, it is also necessary to pay attention to the maintenance of the lamp distance. If it is too concentrated, it will make people feel very uncomfortable, and it will also cause waste of resources.

The reason for the purchase and installation of led garden lights is probably the same. If there is a demand, then you may wish to refer to the above items for reasonable purchase and installation.

Unconsciously, the Christmas of 2018 came, and there seemed to be many more pedestrians on the streets in the evening. The Christmas night is particularly beautiful under the illumination of led garden lights. The led garden lights on the street exudes yellow light, and some emit white light. In our impression, the led garden lights in the city are generally emitting warm yellow light, and the led garden lights on a small part of the road are exuding White light. Why is this? In fact, the difference between yellow light and white light is the choice of the color temperature of the led garden light. How much color temperature should the led garden light use be more suitable? Next, the small series of led garden lamp manufacturers will talk about this issue with everyone.

The color temperature of the led garden lamp is white light emitted at around 5000K, and yellow light or warm white light at around 3000K. In fact, about 3000K yellow light or warm white light is more suitable for road lighting, and the color temperature of led garden lights around 5000K is not suitable for road lighting. Because the color temperature of 5000K will make people visually very cold and dazzling, which will lead to excessive fatigue of people's vision, and under this color temperature condition, people's ability to observe distantly will also decrease, reducing driver's driving safety. In addition, in the rain and fog weather, the LED garden light of 5000K color temperature has poor penetrating ability, which also affects the safety of pedestrians. So why do you still have a lot of led garden lights that use this color temperature?