What Are The Bottlenecks Encountered In The Development Of LED Street Lights?

- Apr 10, 2019-

What are the bottlenecks encountered in the development of LED street lights?

In recent years, the LED street lighting technology has developed rapidly, and the performance of LED street lamps has been continuously improved. Nowadays, it has become a star product in the urban road lighting project and is deeply favored by people. Although LED street lamps have been continuously improved and developed over the years, performance has been excellent in all aspects, but there are still many LED street lamp manufacturers investing a large amount of money to continue research and development and development of LED street lamps. However, we all know that after years of development and precipitation, LED street lighting technology has encountered some development bottlenecks blocking the advancement of LED lighting technology. So what are the specific bottlenecks? How can we take these bottlenecks to create LED street lighting products with better performance?

1. Light effect problem, LED light lighting now has higher and higher light efficiency, and it is slowly getting closer to the highest light efficiency in the laboratory. High light efficiency brings high lighting effect, but now people still know In the power stage, it is considered that the LED street lamp power is the only indicator reflecting the brightness of the LED lamp, which leads to the fact that the actual product is still required to meet the corresponding power, and the lack of understanding of the light effect problem, which limits the development of LED street lighting technology. .

2. Control problems, LED street lighting technology because of its higher control, it has been favored by many LED street lamp manufacturers, but has not yet formed a unified LED lighting control protocol, which has resulted in control compatibility of various street lamp manufacturers. Insufficient, limiting the versatility of LED street lighting control technology.

3. Light distribution problem, many LED street lamp manufacturers have begun to pay attention to the light distribution of LED street lighting, but still not from the humanistic point of view, lack of humanity, resulting in too much LED street lighting now gives a blunt lighting effect, Did not play the advantages of LED street lighting technology.

The above three problems are the bottlenecks encountered by LED street lighting technology. We should be more people-oriented, consider the user's actual experience from the user experience, find problems from the user experience, and break through these bottlenecks to improve these problems. LED street lights will usher in more comprehensive development.

With the rapid development and maturity of LED lighting technology, the performance and energy saving of LED lighting products have been greatly improved, and it has also rapidly swept the lighting industry. Nowadays, urban lighting projects and road lighting construction are indispensable for LED street lamps. LED street lamps are popularizing traditional high-pressure sodium lamps with lightning speed, which is greatly promoted by the country and favored by people. Everyone knows that under the same brightness conditions, the power of LED street lamps is much smaller than the power of high-pressure sodium lamps, which is very energy-saving and environmentally friendly. However, I don't know the specific power of the high-pressure sodium lamp corresponding to the LED street lamp power under the same brightness. Today, street lamp manufacturers talk about the high-pressure sodium lamp power corresponding to the power of several conventional LED street lamps.

1.30WLED street light: 75W high pressure sodium lamp can achieve the lighting effect of LED street light under this power.

2.40WLED street light: 100W high pressure sodium lamp can achieve its lighting effect.

3.50WLED street light: 120W high pressure sodium lamp can achieve its lighting effect.

4.60W LED street light: 150W high pressure sodium lamp

5.70WLED street light: 180W high pressure sodium lamp

6.80WLED street light: 220W high pressure sodium lamp