What Are The 30W Solar Street Light Configuration Options?

- Apr 12, 2019-

What are the 30W solar street light configuration options?

Solar energy has been promoted by people because of its energy saving, environmental protection and green cleaning. Therefore, in rural road lighting construction projects, people often use solar street lights. In rural areas, the sales volume is relatively good, the power is 20W~30W solar street light, and the solar street light with power of 30W is the hottest one, which is widely used by people. So do you know which configuration scheme of 30W solar street light is more cost-effective? Next, the small series of solar street lamp manufacturers will introduce several 30W solar street lamp configuration solutions.

30W solar street lights are often paired with 5m or 6m street light poles. We need to match the lighting time and the number of continuous rainy days. Let me introduce the 30W solar street light configuration scheme with 6 to 8 hours of lighting and 3 days of continuous rainy days:

Option 1, light up for 6 hours

Can use 70W solar panels, 24AH12V system voltage solar lithium battery, step-down solar street light controller. This solar street light configuration is the most used configuration in rural areas, with high cost performance and relatively affordable price.

Option 2, lighting for 7 hours

When lighting for 7 hours, solar street lamp manufacturers recommend 80W solar panels, 30AH solar lithium batteries, and boost solar street light controllers. (High brightness, more suitable for installation in 6 meters solar street light)

Option 3, lighting for 8 hours

It is recommended to use 90W or 100W solar panels, 40AH lithium batteries, and boost solar street light controllers. (This configuration can be lit for 8 hours at full power)

The above is the three matching schemes for 30W solar street lights in the continuous rainy days for 3 days and different lighting hours. In addition, 30W solar street lights have more configuration options. If you want solar street lamps to be very cheap, there are 3.2V system voltage lithium iron phosphate lithium batteries on the market. Normally this configuration is equipped with 60W solar panels, 40AH3 .2V lithium battery, LED street lamp head using wafer chip, this 3.2V full set of solar street lamp price can be fixed, but the shortcoming redemption in brightness and service life is far less than the above three configurations of 30W solar street light, So which configuration to choose depends on the customer's own choice, but Xiaobian still recommends using a normal 12V system voltage solar street light.

With the development of beautiful rural construction projects, solar street lamps are widely used in rural road lighting because of the huge advantages of using solar street lamps in rural areas. Nowadays, when people buy solar street lamps, they not only care about its quality and cost performance, but also improve the after-sales service requirements for solar street lamp manufacturers. However, at present, most domestic solar street lamp manufacturers have not satisfied their after-sales service. After the use of many solar street lamps in the market, after-sales service is not guaranteed, and some manufacturers even turn the phone number into an empty number! However, the after-sales service of solar street lamp manufacturers can not be ignored, and good after-sales service can promote the brand development of enterprises. The following small series will tell you about the importance of solar street lamp manufacturers to do after-sales service.