The LED Fluorescent Lamp

- Jun 13, 2019-

1.LED fluorescent lamp, commonly known as straight tube lamp, is a substitute for traditional fluorescent lamp, reflected in two aspects of energy saving and environmental protection. The size is the same as the traditional fluorescent lamp, but the principle of luminescence is LED semiconductor chip. According to the shell material is divided into two categories, one is glass, one is aluminum and PC. In luminous efficiency, 90lm/W~200lm/W.


High light efficiency: adopt international famous brand independent patent LED manufacturing, the highest efficiency of lamp up to 115lm/w, than traditional fluorescent lamp energy saving 70%.

High color rendering: color rendering index CRI=80, can truly reproduce the original bright colors of the object, to create a comfortable light environment. Long life: the lamp is made of glass tube with good thermal conductivity, and equipped with aluminum alloy radiator with high thermal conductivity to ensure that the LED junction temperature is always below 80℃, the light decay of 10,000 hours is less than 8%, and the service life is as long as 50,000 hours.

Safe and reliable: the power supply has multiple protection functions, such as lightning strike protection, overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection, circuit break protection, short-circuit protection, etc., to meet the safety requirements of electromagnetic compatibility, harmonic, voltage resistance, insulation and other safety regulations. Failure rate <1/1000.

Green environmental protection: meet the requirements of European Rohs directive, and without the traditional fluorescent lamp mercury and uv pollution shortcomings. Constant dc current drives LED to glow, pure and soft light.

Durable: pure heat conducting glass tube will never deteriorate into yellow, high luminous maintenance rate.

Strong versatility: wide voltage (ac85-265v) power supply design, even if the voltage fluctuations can be stable work. Apply global voltage.

Professional beauty: professional lighting design masters to create, better understand the market demand ultra-high cost performance: there is a strong application of alternative and cost performance, more competitive advantage in the peer.

3.Functional features:

1), environmental protection lamps, to protect the earth

2). Efficient conversion to reduce fever

3), quiet and comfortable, no noise

4). Soft light to protect eyes

5). No ultraviolet rays, no mosquitoes

6), the voltage can be adjusted 85v-265v

7).Save energy and live longer

8), firm and reliable, long - term use.

9). Compared with ordinary fluorescent lamp,LED fluorescent lamp needs no ballast, no starter and no strobe.

10).Maintenance free, frequent switch will not cause any damage.

11). Safe and stable quality can withstand high voltage of 4kv, heat dissipation is low, can work at low temperature -30℃ and high temperature 55℃.

12). Good vibration resistance and convenient for transportation.