Sunflower Solar Street Lamp

- Jul 05, 2019-

1.The sunflower solar street lamp is a kind of lamp which is used to provide road lighting at night

LED light source, with high brightness, easy installation, stable and reliable work, no cable laying, no consumption of conventional energy, long service life.

Mainly used in urban roads, residential roads, industrial parks, tourist scenic spots, parks, courtyards, green belts, squares, pedestrian streets, fitness and leisure squares and other places of lighting and lighting decoration.

The characteristics:

Sunflower solar street light is a set of independent distributed power supply system, is not subject to regional restriction, not affected by power installation location, also do not need to do wiring buried pipe construction excavation road, site construction and installation is very convenient, don't need power transmission and transformation system, not consumption mains, environmentally friendly and energy saving, better comprehensive economic benefit, especially in road has been built to establish solar street lamp is very convenient. Especially in the off-grid street lamps, outdoor billboards, bus platform application, its economic benefits are more obvious.

Constitute parts:

1. Solar cell panel The main material is "silicon". There are mainly two kinds of crystalline silicon panels: polycrystalline silicon solar cells, monocrystalline silicon solar cells; Amorphous silicon panel: thin film solar cell, organic solar cell. Both are highly efficient cells, and good solar panels can last more than 20 years.

2. Solar battery. Generally for lead-acid battery, we commonly used have 12V and 24V these two kinds, small and micro system, can also be used nickel hydrogen battery, nickel cadmium battery or lithium battery. The idea is to store the energy generated by the solar panels when the sun shines and then release it when needed. Solar battery is valve-controlled sealed maintenance-free.

3. Solar controller. Sunflowers solar controller adopts microcomputer intelligent controller to prevent overcharge, overdischarge, light control on, time control off, life ≥5 years. The function of solar controller is to control the working state of the whole system, and the battery has played the role of charge protection, over discharge protection. Where the temperature difference is large, the qualified controller should also have the function of temperature compensation. Additional functions such as light-controlled switches and time-controlled switches should be optional.

4, the main light source, there are dozens of W to thousands of W LED lamp, low pressure sodium lamp, metal halide lamp, hernia lamp, no pole lamp, energy-saving lamp, free configuration and choice.

LED energy-saving lamp, namely semiconductor light-emitting diode, LED energy-saving lamp is a white light-emitting diode light source with high brightness, high light efficiency, low power consumption, long life, easy to control, maintenance free, safety and environmental protection; It is a new generation of solid cold light source, the light color is soft, gorgeous, rich and colorful, low loss, low energy consumption, green environmental protection, suitable for families, shopping malls, Banks, hospitals, hotels, restaurants and other public places. No flash direct current, good protection for eyes, the best choice for lamp and flashlight. Due to the development and application of LED lamps, they are gradually widely used in road and other large-scale projects and fields.

5. Battery case. The sunflower battery box is pressed and formed by the mould. It is completely sealed and waterproof. It has good heat preservation effect and its life is as long as 25 years.

6. Main lamp holder is an important part of the street lamp system. We adopt aluminum die-casting shell, high-purity alumina reflector and protection grade IP65.

7. Light pole. Sunflower solar lamp poles are selected and designed according to different road wides. Generally, they are made of hot-dip galvanized poles and treated with plastic spraying on their appearance.

8, cable, commonly used is copper core wire.


All parts of the company except the battery, all other products are independent production; As a manufacturer of products, we have a unique price advantage: low cost, efficient production, high technical level (with its own scientific and technological research and development department). The company has lighting projects in the country and even abroad, with high quality products and good after-sales service to win the praise of the majority of customers.

After-sales service guarantee:

Our company guarantees the whole system for two years, free replacement for quality problems within two years, lifetime warranty.