Subverting The Traditional Concept, Graphene LED Street Lamp Lifts The Industrial Development Boom Again

- Jul 26, 2019-

Graphene has been the world's thinnest material since its introduction in 2004, at just one atom thick. Since then, graphene has quickly become a hot topic in physics and materials science. Graphene material has been applied to LED street lamps. Graphene composite material is used to solve the problem of LED heat dissipation in the LED street lamp products, so that LED street lamp products show higher light efficiency, energy saving rate and lossless replacement and other advantages, subverting the traditional concept of LED street lamp, which has aroused the high attention of LED lighting industry.

Application of | in graphene materials

In 2010, the Nobel Prize in physics was awarded to two professors who invented graphene materials. After that, graphene materials attracted the attention of the capital and industry. Graphene is the thinnest and strongest material in the world. It is also the material with the smallest resistivity. Graphene materials have advantages in conducting electricity, conducting heat, high optical permeability and energy storage applications, which are closely related to the semiconductor lighting industry.

From the perspective of lighting, mingshuo technology mainly applies graphene materials to heat conduction and heat dissipation of chips of high-power LED lighting. Its research and application are always ahead of others. For the application of graphene in the field of lighting, enterprises have different concerns at present, many of which focus on its thermal properties. For mingshuo technology, in addition to the performance improvement and cost reduction of new materials, it pays more attention to the improvement of user experience and user convenience.

Industry witnesses | do not forget to forge ahead

China is the world's largest consumer of semiconductors and a global manufacturing hub for consumer electronics. In the past ten years, the semiconductor lighting industry took the lead and became the flagship of the semiconductor industry.

With the continuous development and expansion of the industry, the market competition becomes increasingly fierce. The proportion of enterprises' independent research and development investment increases year by year, and innovation has become an important weight to compete for the market in this era. In particular, as the trade war between China and the United States continues, the issue of intellectual property rights between Chinese and American enterprises has always been the focus of the industry.

Keep up with cutting-edge | to accelerate smart lighting layout

Smart cities are blossoming everywhere, and smart street lamps have become the first station and important entrance. With the continuous expansion of the scope of smart city construction, the fields covered by smart city construction are gradually improving. In LED light source, the drive power supply, intelligent control system, lamps and lanterns light distribution, sensors, such as the Internet and Internet of things technique and technology more mature and widely used at present, the lighting industry is from a pure light source, electrical appliances, lamps and lanterns of research and development, production, application and so on a set of links, and gradually building electrical, landscape, environment art, architectural appearance, integration, building materials, integration of scientific and technological achievements in the field of network science and technology. Smart lighting has become the benchmark of smart city construction, from macro to micro, from outdoor to indoor, leading smart municipal and intelligent transportation into a leapfrog development stage.

The layout in the field of intelligent lighting mainly includes three aspects: first, LIFI optical communication technology, which is relatively cutting-edge and in the early stage of development, is waiting for mature technology; Second, intelligent optics, which is different from the intelligent control often mentioned by enterprises in the industry, mainly focuses on the photoelectric parameters and emphasizes the intelligent perception and control of the optical part. Third, provide the hardware and service of the Internet of things with lighting products as the carrier.

Smart lamp holder is the hot carrier of smart lighting at present. The experience of mingshuo technology is to integrate multiple intelligent modules and communication equipment in smart lamp holder, rather than mount on the lamp holder. In this way, the difficulties in the intelligent transformation of traditional street lamps are completely solved, and the comprehensive advantages of product advancement, economy, safety and unity are fully reflected. Such highly integrated service is favored by users in the process of practical application and promotion.