Street Lamps Are Smart And Energy-saving

- Jun 25, 2019-

Street lamp intelligent energy-saving electrical appliances are energy-saving electrical appliances, mainly used for street lamps.

Four aspects to be guaranteed for street lamp power saving:

Firstly, urban road lighting needs to be guaranteed in four aspects:

1. City image

At present, local governments in China, for the political or livelihood needs, vigorously promote urban construction, expand the influence and competitiveness of cities, focus on urban planning and infrastructure construction, and constantly improve the city size and urbanization rate. Road lighting and landscape lighting lighting, is an important aspect of urban taste, if a city, a light on energy saving, insufficient brightness, will make the city no vitality, image will be self-evident.

Therefore, the Mni company recommends that the brightness be increased with little or no energy saving during the first half of the night.

2. Prosperity:

A large part of the government's fiscal revenue comes from the business tax. If the lights are dark in the evening, it will affect people's enthusiasm to go shopping shopping. If people don't shopping and have no sales, the fiscal tax revenue will drop and the disposable income of the government will have problems.

Mni company suggests that the brightness will be increased by turning on the lights in the evening, and gradually reduce the brightness slowly until people go home, and then do deep energy saving after everyone goes home to sleep.

3. Traffic safety

Due to the "pupil effect" of human biology, strong sunlight shrinks the pupil of the human body to a small size at night to protect the retina from burns. But when the sun just sets, the light immediately becomes dark, and the human pupil, due to biological effects, needs time to open, at this time, the light is dark again, so it needs high brightness lighting. (the sun's rays are thousands of times stronger than street lamps.) anyone who works in a hospital knows that car accidents are the most common in the evening. (I have worked in a hospital in zhuhai for 10 years, engaged in medical equipment maintenance and network software development)

Of course, in the second half of the night, since there are few vehicles and pedestrians on the road, traffic accidents are not easy to happen, so deep energy saving can be done. However, it is forbidden to adopt the way of midnight lights to save energy, which forms the bamar effect, making it difficult for drivers to see whether there are people in the shadow area.

Mni company suggests that, in the evening, turn on the light, adjust the brightness to the highest, and wait for 30 minutes, after the human body ADAPTS, it can precisely adjust the illumination, enter the state of less energy saving.

4. Public order

Modern city requirements, there are roads must have lights, lights must be bright. If that place doesn't have enough street lights, there's a lot of petty theft. Street lighting departments around the city often receive complaints from the public security department because there are no lights or large areas of no lights.

Mni company suggests, in the protection of the above requirements, according to the site situation, adjust the brightness after midnight, to protect social security needs.

Of course, the energy saving of road lighting cannot affect the life of lamps. It is strictly prohibited to adopt fixed voltage reduction and other energy saving methods, as well as the energy saving method of sudden voltage regulation of flashing fault, which will greatly shorten the life of lamps.

Technical requirements for ideal street lamp power saving:

1. Energy saving principle: high frequency high-power power electronic devices are used to realize voltage amplitude modulation, and thyristor voltage regulation technology cannot be used. Transformer or reactance step-down energy saving technology is not recommended.

2. Intelligent setting can automatically control energy saving over 6 time periods. Multi-time voltage, power saving rate and illumination can be set and adjusted by users.

3, no contact voltage regulation, contactor contact voltage regulation is not recommended.

4. The voltage regulation is stepless and continuous. The step-value of each stage is less than 1V.

5. When regulating voltage, the regulating speed can be set by the user to adapt to the slow change of light brightness and the stable arc of lamp tube.

6. Open lamps with full voltage preheating, preheating time (more than 10 minutes) can be set and adjusted by software.

7. The output voltage regulating range of power saver is 160-220v.

8. Input voltage range of power saving devices: 160v-260v.

9, three phase independent regulation, can adapt to three phase serious unbalanced working conditions.

10. Manual bypass and fault automatic bypass functions, energy saving state to bypass and bypass to power saving state conversion, lights cannot be flashing or off.

11. With unconditional guarantee lighting function, automatic bypass for over-current, over-voltage, under-voltage and over-heat, and can record fault codes for maintenance. When the equipment is damaged, the lamp cannot be put out, and the service life and normal operation of the street lamp will not be affected.

12. The energy-saving equipment shall be installed outdoors, and the material of the box shall be made of steel plate with a thickness of 2mm with electrostatic spraying (10 years without oxidation), and the protection level shall be no less than IP33, with an air cooling system, and the switch inside the box shall be made of high-quality brands.

13. Standard sinusoidal wave voltage (same as input voltage waveform), without distortion; Does not increase the lighting load current harmonic (sodium lamp double peak current waveform), the total harmonic of the input current does not increase.

14. Power factor can only be increased but not reduced.

15. It has the monitoring switch on and off light interface and the monitoring voltage regulating interface, which can be issued by the central control room to regulate the pressure and turn on and off the light.

16. With automatic reset function, when the power supply resumes after power failure, the full voltage starts to warm up, and automatically adjusts to the working state according to the working Settings after the start.

17, with lightning protection device and safety grounding.

18. Other requirements and instructions.