Street Lamps And Patio Lamps

- Jun 18, 2019-

Street lamp and courtyard lamp are respectively ordinary street lamp, high pole lamp, square lamp, courtyard lamp and so on.

I. Product selection guide

1. Product classification

Ordinary street lamp, high pole lamp, square lamp, courtyard lamp and so on.

2. Scope of application

Suitable for lighting urban, rural roads, street gardens, parks, and residential areas.

3. Key points of product selection

1) general principles:

(1) choose lamps with reasonable lighting distribution. The type of lighting distribution should be determined according to the function and space shape of lighting place.

(2) choose efficient lamps and lanterns. Under the condition that meets the requirement of glare restriction, direct luminaires and open luminaires should be used for the illumination that only meets the visual function.

(3) choose lamps and lanterns with easy installation and maintenance and low operating costs.

(4) in special places with fire or explosion hazard, dust, moisture, vibration, corrosion and other environments, lamps and lanterns that meet the environmental requirements should be selected.

(5) when the high temperature parts such as lamp surface and lamp accessories are close to combustible materials, fire protection measures such as heat insulation and heat dissipation shall be taken.

(6) lighting lamps shall have complete photoelectric parameters, and their performances shall meet the relevant provisions of the current general requirements and tests of lamps and lanterns and other standards.

(7) the appearance of lamps and lanterns shall be in harmony with the environment of the installation site.

(8) considering the characteristics of light source and the requirements of building decoration.

2) outdoor lighting:

(1) for high-pole lighting, axisymmetric distribution lamps shall be used, and the installation height of lamps shall be greater than 1/2 of the radius of the range being illuminated.

(2) the output of upper hemisphere luminous flux should be effectively controlled in the courtyard lighting fixtures.

3) landscape lighting:

(1) the efficiency of floodlight lamps should not be less than 60% under the conditions of meeting the glare limit and lighting distribution requirements.

(2) the protection grade of landscape lighting lamps installed outdoors should not be lower than IP55, the protection grade of buried lamps should not be lower than IP67, and the protection grade of lamps used in water should not be lower than IP68.

(3) contour lighting should adopt LED lamps or lamps with single-end fluorescent lamps.

(4) the inner light transmission should adopt LED lamps or the light source should be thin tube diameter fluorescent lamps.

4) protection level of lamps:

According to the lighting environment, the selection can be made according to IEC regulations.