Street Lamp Renovation

- Jul 02, 2019-

The first kind of street lamp transformation is to replace the existing street lamp holder, which is to replace the traditional high pressure sodium lamp or metal halide lamp light source with a new led light source.

Take the traditional 250 w high pressure sodium lamp (existing street lamp is given priority to with high pressure sodium lamp), itself is 250 w power consumption, coupled with the sort of electricity consumption and the loss of itself in more than 300 w, use a few years later (high pressure sodium lamp life 3000 hours), system power consumption to 400 w, and the same brightness with 120 w led street lamps can replace it, or is under the same brightness led street lamp can save electricity in half, in comparison, the high pressure sodium lamp power consumption is greatly a waste, it is urgent for the modification of the traditional street lamp, And now many of the domestic street lamps are mostly using the 250w high pressure sodium lamp.

There are three main ways of street lamp reconstruction

Use led lights to modify the traditional street lamp (just put the lamp holder part for the led light source, the other part of the same), the existing 250 w high pressure sodium lamp 120 w led light source can replace, now led light source number from 80 to 90 lumens per w, better every w led lamp bead can reach 90 to 100 lumens, now basically substitute for 250 w high pressure sodium lamp, with the existing technology next year 120 w leds is completely can take the place of 250 w high pressure sodium lamp.

However, since most of the existing street lamps are sodium metal halide lamps, direct replacement will cause great waste.

The second kind of street lamp transformation is to upgrade the street lamp on the existing basis, that is, to install single lamp controller on the existing street lamp, which is a new product of Internet of things technology. The new single lamp controller can make the street lamp control intelligent and 0-10v dimming and power reduction. It not only improves the overall control of urban street lights to achieve intelligent, but also can achieve the purpose of energy conservation and emission reduction.

The third kind of street lamp transformation is to change the municipal street lamp into solar street lamp, because the solar street lamp is a kind of street lamp using solar energy as energy, it is not affected by conventional electricity, it does not need to dig ditches and bury lines, does not consume conventional electricity. It can be used wherever there is sunlight. It has the advantages of safety, energy saving and environmental protection.

In fact, there are many ways of street lamp transformation, such as the addition of energy-saving appliances, etc., but it is not recommended because the actual use cannot bring good transformation effect.