Solar Integrated Lamp

- Jun 24, 2019-

I.Working principle:

 The integrated solar street lamp is converted into electric energy by the solar cell panel, and then the integrated solar street lamp is charged by the lithium battery in the integrated solar street lamp. in the daytime, even on the cloudy day, the solar power generator (solar panel) collects and stores the required energy, and is automatically supplied to the LED lamp of the integrated solar street lamp at night to supply power to realize the night illumination, and the integrated solar street lamp is provided with the PIR human body sensing function, The infrared induction control lamp working mode of the intelligent human body can be realized at night,100 percent of people are on, the time is delayed for a certain time, the brightness of the 1/3 is automatically changed, and more energy is saved. in the same way When the solar energy is used as a safe and environment-friendly new energy of the "inexhaustible and inexhaustible", the solar energy plays an important role in the integrated solar street lamp. Solar Energy, typically the radiant energy of sunlight, is commonly used as a power generation in modern times. Since the Earthundefineds form of life is mainly the heat and light of the sun, it is known from the ancient people that it is sun-dried and used as a method of preserving food, such as salt-making and salt-drying. But in the reduction of fossil fuel, it is only intended to further develop the solar energy. The utilization of solar energy has passive utilization (photo-thermal conversion) and photoelectric conversion. Solar power is an emerging renewable energy source. The solar energy in the broad sense is the source of many energy on the earth, such as wind energy, chemical energy, potential energy of water, and the like. The solar integrated street lamp/ garden lamp is an integrated solar product, and the simple modeling combines the best green energy combination of the day (the solar cell panel, the super-high-brightness semiconductor LED light source, the iron phosphate lithium battery). It is equipped with a human intelligent induction system, which realizes low power consumption, long-time, high-brightness and 8-year life-free maintenance, and is first in Zhuhai in 2008, and is the only new product in the solar field that is the only one from China.

II.The integrated solar street lamp adopts integrated design, simple, fashionable, light and practical; using solar power supply to save electric energy and protect the earthundefineds resources; using human infrared induction control technology, human light on, human walking lamp dark, prolonging lighting time; using high capacity long life lithium battery to ensure the service life of the product, generally up to 8 years of life; Without wire drawing, installation is extremely convenient; waterproof structure, safe and reliable; easy to expand timing, sound control and other functions; adopt modular design concept, easy to install, maintain, adopt alloy material as the main body of the structure, with good rust prevention and corrosion prevention function.