Solar Energy Led Lamp

- May 30, 2019-

  1. Solar led lamp is powered by Ethernet sunlight, which can be charged during the day and used at night. No complicated and expensive pipeline laying is required, and the layout of the lamp can be adjusted at will. It is safe, energy-saving and pollution-free, and no manual operation is required. Solar led lamp mainly consists of solar cell module (including bracket), led lamp holder, control box (controller, battery) and lamp pole.

  2. Advantages of solar led lights:

    ● Low cost: high brightness, low power consumption, the required solar cells and batteries configuration is low, cost reduction.

    ● Life is long

    ● reliable and stable

    ● unattended: running without management staff, perfect intelligent control system to give users enough rest assured.

    ● environmental protection and energy saving

    ● good safety, no radiation

    ● earthquake resistance, shock resistance

3.Solar led lamp principle:

During the day, the sunlight shines on the solar module, making the solar cell module generate a certain range of dc voltage, converts the light energy into electric energy, and then transmits it to the intelligent controller. After the intelligent controller overcharge protection, the electric energy from the solar module is transferred to the battery for storage. At night, when the output dc voltage of the solar module falls to nearly zero due to the lack of light energy, the intelligent controller automatically turns on the control device to provide electricity to the led, prompting the led source to emit enough brightness for lighting. At daybreak, when the solar panel receives a voltage generated by the light, the smart controller automatically switches to charging mode.