Smart Solar Street Lamp

- Jun 25, 2019-

Smart solar street lamp is a new energy lamp using solar energy. It is composed of solar panels, LED light source, solar controller, solar battery, lamp pole, monitoring camera, loudspeaker and other accessories.

The product features:

Wisdom is an extraordinary light, solar street lamps it is power generation by solar energy photovoltaic components, both street lighting, real-time monitoring, remote data transmission and all-round intelligent monitoring functions such as street light, can be used in the new rural road lighting, security management, radio broadcasts, landscaping, music entertainment, intelligent solar street lamps for poor regions "precise poverty alleviation" played a unique role wisdom.

Functional configuration

Smart solar street lamp is an extension product on the basis of solar street lamp. Like solar street lamp, it relies on the top solar panel to convert light energy into electricity. Meanwhile, smart solar street lamp also has the advantages of simple installation, energy saving and environmental protection.

Smart solar street lamp configuration parameters:

Main material: light pole is all steel structure, whole hot dip galvanizing/plastic spraying treatment;

Panels: high conversion rate solar panels, size according to the load configuration;

Battery: fully enclosed maintenance-free lead-acid battery 12V17Ah -- 80Ah (according to load configuration);

Controller: special waterproof controller for solar street lamp;

Lamp source: high-power LED lamp beads;

Continuous overcast and rainy days: configured according to requirements;

Other accessories: hd camera, loudspeaker, color changing light source (configured as required).