Research On Technical Demand Analysis And Customer Distribution Of Plant Lighting Manufacturers

- Jul 19, 2019-

Analysis of technical requirements of LED plant lighting manufacturers

Plant lighting is a kind of lighting based on the application object. It irradiates plants and expects the irradiated plants to produce expected physiological response.

Light is both an energy source and a signal source for plants. As an energy source, light provides energy for photosynthesis and heat for plants. As a signal source, light affects plant phototropism, photolithogenesis, physiological cycle, secondary metabolite production and stomatal opening. By artificial light supplement or total artificial light plant, can make plants grow faster, can make plants more strong, can control the flowering plants, can make the plant more, design and color is more beautiful, more fruit, the effective use of ingredients can promote plant, can reduce the occurrence of plant diseases and insect pests, and we expect to achieve other goals.

Target oriented to create the appropriate plant light environment, parameters include: light quality, photon density, light direction and photoperiod. Light quality, or spectrum. The spectrum required by the plant consists of a combination of the spectra emitted by one or more LED components. LED components are divided into two categories. One is phosphor conversion LED, which is obtained by the excitation of one or more phosphors by blue or violet light chips; the other is the narrow wavelength spectrum directly emitted by LED chips.

Photoperiod (including frequency, timing and intensity infinite adjustment) is mainly realized through power supply design and software and hardware system control.

Generally speaking, plant lighting lamps need to be used continuously for a long time. Due to the diverse application environment of lamps and lanterns, comprehensive design of protection level should be carried out in combination with the characteristics of application occasions. At least the following factors should be considered:

A. Hours used per day;

B. Environmental uv intensity;

C. Ambient temperature;

D. Environmental humidity and potential liquid distribution;

E. Electricity environment;

F. Rate of temperature change;

G. Biological environment;

H. Air salt spray;

I. Environmental vibration;

Research on distribution of plant lighting enterprises, products and customers

(I) market participation of LED plant lighting bead packaging enterprises

As the market volume of plant lighting is still small, there are three strategies for the plant lighting market:

1. Continue to wait and see, at present has not released plant lighting bead products;

2. Although plant lighting products have been released, no efforts have been made to promote them.

3. Not only has it launched plant lighting products, but it is also striving for a larger market share.

(ii) product technology of LED plant lighting beads

LED plant lighting source spectrum is divided into two categories: one is the narrow spectrum emitted by the chip itself; the other is the fluorescence conversion spectrum of phosphors excited by the blue and purple light chip.

(3) regional distribution of plant lighting enterprises and lighting applications

At present, the global plant lighting production customers are mainly distributed in China (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan), North America, Europe, Japan and other parts of Asia, among which the most important production area is mainland China, followed by Europe and North America, and a few packaging companies' customers are mainly in Europe or North America.

Plant lighting applications, including China (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan), North America, Europe, Japan, the Middle East, South America, Australia, Singapore. The customer groups of each packaging manufacturer are very different, and the application area accounts for a large difference. Generally speaking, the application of lamps in North America, mainland China and Europe accounts for about 20-40% respectively.

(4) application fields of plant lighting fixtures

From the perspective of application fields, plant lighting lamps are mainly used in the cultivation of marijuana with full artificial light, solar greenhouse to supplement light, plant plant cultivation with full artificial light, plant tissue culture, pitaya fruit to supplement light, family vegetable and flower cultivation and laboratory research.