Plant Lamp Introduction

- Jun 17, 2019-

1.Plant lamp, as its name implies, the lamps and lanterns that are used for plant place. The plant lamp simulates the principle that plants need sunlight to photosynthesize, and supplements or completely replaces sunlight.

2.Grow light information:

The light source that applies to plant fill light has:High pressure sodium lamp, metal halide lamp, ceramic metal halide lamp, microwave sulfur lamp, plasma lamp, fluorescent lamp, pole-free lamp and tri-color rare earth fill light lamp,led plant light ect.The most formal using is plant lighting sodium lamp, metal halide lamp and LED plant lamp.The others are small crowded,or very expensive.

High pressure sodium lamp can be divided into ordinary sodium lamp, high light efficiency sodium lamp, plant fill light with sodium lamp, the common have 250w,400w,600w,1000w. The current trend is for more power to be better, because it is simple, and a 1000w system is cheaper and provides better coverage than two 400w systems.

Ordinary sodium lamps are low in price, low in light flux, and high in light efficiency. As the name implies, they have higher light flux.

Plant lighting with sodium lamp is spectrum correct, high lumen output; Although the high light efficiency sodium lamp has the high lumen output, but in the spectrum red and blue light content is much lower than the plant sodium lamp, the green light is much higher than the plant sodium lamp 7-9 times, can only be a waste of energy under the effect. That's why some customers ask why the growth effect is not obvious, you use the wrong lamp.

LED plant lamp is a new high-tech product emerging with LED white light in recent 5 years. The experiments of "different LED light quality on plants" by many domestic research institutes have only been started or completed in recent years. LED plant lighting quality is determined by the chip, and the quality of the domestic chip used by the current plant lights is not yet up to standard, so we can only choose the imported chip packaging LED lamp beads also produce LED plant lights, which leads to the high production cost of lamps. However, due to its accurate light quality and artificial combination adjustment, high photosynthetic radiation per unit power consumption, good plant light supplement effect, low operating cost (super power saving) and many other advantages, it is favored by agricultural research institutes and intelligent plant factories all over the world. 

3.After application test, LED plant lamp is very suitable for the growth, flowering and fruit of plants. General indoor plants and flowers grow worse and worse with time due to the lack of natural light. However, by using LED plant lamps with the required spectrum (light quality combination) of plants, the growth can not only be promoted, but also the flowering period can be prolonged and the quality of flowers can be improved. The application of this kind of efficient light source system to the agricultural production of greenhouses, greenhouses and other facilities, on the one hand, can solve the problem that the lack of sunlight leads to the decline of taste of tomatoes, cucumbers and other greenhouses vegetables, on the other hand, it can also make winter greenhouses fruits and vegetables come into the market before and after the Spring Festival, so as to achieve the purpose of off-season cultivation.

(1) as an artificial supplement, any time from 5am to 23pm can enhance the light and extend the effective lighting time.

(2) no matter in sunny days, cloudy days or rainy days, it can reasonably and effectively extend and scientifically control the illumination needed by plants, as long as you have mastered the light supplement products and product application technology.

(3) in the greenhouse or plant laboratory, natural light can be completely replaced to ensure healthy plant growth and promote better growth of plants.