Plant Growth Lamps Are A Special Kind Of Luminaire That Belongs To The Category Of Physical Agriculture Technology.

- Apr 03, 2019-

Plant growth lamps are a special kind of luminaire that belongs to the category of physical agriculture technology. It is necessary to require sunlight according to the law of plant growth, and the plant growth lamp is a kind of lamp that uses the principle of sunlight to replace the sunlight with light to create a good growth environment for plant growth. Its main purpose is to combine the original growth characteristics of plants with natural light deficiency to supplement the light source.

Some time ago, Lushun was raining for a few days, and the sun was shining, which had an impact on greenhouse greenhouse production. However, the application of "plant growth lamps" in greenhouses was unaffected. On March 5th, we came to the all-steel cherry shed in the Dalian Hongtu Cherry Picking Garden in Shuishiying Village, Shuishiying Street. We saw two rows of 26 上方 above the two cherry trees in two acres. The plant fill light is fully turned on for light filling (technical specification is 40 watt 220V E27 lamp head). The president of Lushun Red Land Cherry Professional Cooperative said: The greenhouse plant greenhouse cherry application "plant growth lamp" fill light technology was introduced from Shanghai Heming Lighting Appliance Co., Ltd. last year, which solved the problem of lack of sunshine in the greenhouse. As we all know, the big cherry is also a light crop, and the rainy weather will affect the growth and development of the big cherry in the greenhouse. My experience is: increase the fill hours on cloudy days, usually from 6 am to 8 pm; reduce the fill hours on sunny days, usually from 4 am to 6 pm; from 5 pm to 7:30 pm. The basic principle is that there are more photos on cloudy days, less on sunny days, less photos on flowering days, and more photos on fruit.

According to the data, the efficacy of the product is: 1. Reduce the time required for seedling raising; 2. Reduce pests and diseases; 3, flower or result 15 days earlier; 4. Increase the yield of melon and eggplant by 30%; The yield increased by more than 50%; 5. The flower vividness increased; 6. The storage period of fruits, vegetables and flowers was extended by 5-10 days; 7. There was a certain temperature increase effect. Practice has proved that the technology is mature and it is recommended to be widely promoted in the whole region.

Many people have questions about why almost all of the LED plant lights on the market emit light that looks purple to the naked eye. Is it mostly used in purple? In fact, the reason for the purple light is the superposition effect of red light and blue light. In general, the proportion of red light will be higher than blue light.

Why is the proportion of red light in LED plant lights more than Blu-ray?

1. During the growth of the stem segment, the effect of natural light and red light on plant growth was compared. Under natural light, the chlorophyll content decreased first and then increased. However, the chlorophyll content under red light is higher than that under natural light, indicating that red light has a significant effect on the formation of chlorophyll, and the result is more obvious with the increase of culture days.