Plant Growth Lamp COB

- Jul 09, 2019-

  1. ● spectrum customized output, meet the designated plant breeding and growth, accelerate crop breeding and change the crop growth cycle;

    ● abundant wavelength types, consistent with plant light synthesis and light morphogenesis spectra, targeted to promote the growth of plant roots, leaves, flowers and fruits at all stages;

    ● avoid the occurrence of diseases, pests and malformed fruit;

  2. Basic introduction

    ● less heat in the system, avoiding scorching of seedling plants and occupying less space, suitable for multi-layer cultivation three-dimensional combination system;

    ● energy saving, long life, environmental protection and no pollution of plant growth environment, small size, light weight, safe and reliable.

    Industry application: greenhouse, fruit and vegetable growth lamp

    Characteristics: let it thrive, let you harvest

    LED is used as the induction lighting for plant photoperiod and photophaptic construction

    Specific wavelength LED can affect the flowering time, quality and flowering duration of plants; Leds of some wavelengths provide the number of buds and flowers a plant has; Certain wavelengths of LED can reduce the floral response, regulate the length of pedicel and flowering period, which is conducive to the production and marketing of cut flowers. Thus it can be seen that the flowering and subsequent growth of plants can be regulated by LED regulation.