Microwave Induction Fluorescent Lamp

- Jul 02, 2019-

1.Principle of microwave induction LED fluorescent lamp:

The electromagnetic wave is transmitted through the planar antenna. When a moving object enters the electromagnetic wave environment, the waveform will be reflected back. When the planar antenna receives the feedback waveform, the subsequent circuit will work through the detection of the trigger signal.


Microwave induction fluorescent lamp USES the fourth-generation light source (LED) as the luminous body, with high luminous efficiency.

Low power consumption, not affected by temperature, humidity, light, air flow, dust and other environment. Long service life, safe and reliable. Can be widely used in underground parking, corridors, corridors, public toilets, elevators and other indoor and outdoor lighting.

3.Inductive approach

One: usually not bright, induction after all bright

Two: usually small bright, induction after all bright

Three: usually not bright, after induction all bright, if no one or no car induction, automatic switch to micro bright, again no one or no car induction, become no bright.

When the inductor is powered on, the oscillating circuit in the inductor will automatically generate a frequency of 5.8ghz plus or minus 75MHz. We call it local oscillator frequency B amplification -- -- this local oscillator frequency is amplified by operational amplifier as electromagnetic wave carrier, which is transmitted to the air through high-frequency tube (also called antenna).

Receive -- after the electromagnetic wave is emitted, it will be reflected back by the surrounding objects and then selected by the frequency selection network of the oscillator. It will be sent into the differential circuit at the same time with the original 5.8g frequency for phase comparison, and the obtained difference signal will be used as the basic signal for self-check (ambient detection).

A detection -- when there is a moving object around, the electromagnetic wave reflected back through the circuit analysis is different from the basic signal during self-inspection. At this time, the signal will be used as the trigger signal to automatically switch the power supply circuit. So as to achieve from light to full light.

Secondary detection -- when the haomei standard delay is triggered by no one or no car within 20 seconds, then switch to micro light. (during this time someone or a car triggers a direct switch to full light.)

Test again -- automatically switch to "off" when triggered by no one or car within 30 seconds of standard delay. (during this time someone or a car triggers a direct switch to full light.) Make lamps and lanterns more energy saving.


Induction fluorescent lamp according to induction mode can be divided into three categories: 1, sound control induction fluorescent lamp 2, infrared induction fluorescent lamp 3, microwave induction fluorescent lamp. The microwave induction fluorescent lamp and can be divided into: 10.525 G microwave induction and 5.8 G microwave induction, since 10.525 G microwave induction without using shielding and filtering processing, signal output and receiving is not very stable, radio frequency interference resistance is poor, without transmitting antenna narrow emission Angle, invented by spring cheese of fenghua electronic technology co., LTD., research the special lamps and lanterns of 5.8 G microwave induction module, solve the disadvantages of the 10.525 G module, and according to the convenient, direct according to the ordinary LED fluorescent tube.