LED Wall Lamp

- Jun 27, 2019-

LED wall lamp is to use light-emitting diode as a source of lamps and lanterns installed in the wall or furniture wall and become LED wall lamp. Traditional wall lamps are mostly halogen lamps, with low luminous efficiency, relatively low power consumption, rising ambient temperature and short service life. LED is far superior to traditional lighting products in terms of luminous principle, energy saving and environmental protection. Moreover, the unidirectivity of LED light forms the perfect support for the light distribution of wall lamp.

1.Advantages of LED wall lamp:

◎ high efficiency:

The luminous efficiency of high-power LED wall lamp has exceeded 100 lm/W, and because the LED spectrum is almost entirely concentrated in the visible frequency band, the light efficiency is much higher than incandescent lamp and is catching up with energy-saving lamp and fluorescent lamp.

◎ high light quality:

Because there is no ultraviolet and infrared in the spectrum, there is no heat, no radiation, no burden on the human eye, and no fading of many objects.

◎ good color rendering:

Compared with fluorescent lamps, high-power LED wall lamps have a high color rendering index, usually around 80. A good rendering of the color of the object being illuminated.

◎ low maintenance cost:

LED has a long life, the half-life of luminous flux is more than 50,000 hours, and the normal use is more than 30 years. Strong impact and seismic capacity, no tungsten wire, glass shell and other easily damaged parts, abnormal "scrap" possibility is very small.

◎ small size:

Can make lamps and lanterns cabinet and delicate, suit different use place more, can install different arm at the same time, make lamps and lanterns light change is rich.

◎ green environment protection:

Waste recycling, no pollution, like fluorescent lamp contains hg ingredients, better environmental benefits, no ultraviolet and infrared spectrum, no heat, no radiation, glare small, and waste recycling, no pollution contains no mercury elements, cold light source, can safely touch, belongs to typical green lighting source.

2.The characteristics :

The sort of wall lamp and style are more, absorb dome light commonly, change color wall lamp, wall lamp of the head of a bed, mirror to wait before wall lamp. Suction dome lamp is installed at balcony, stair, corridor corridor and bedroom more, make long lamp aptly; Color-changing wall lamp is used for festivals and festivals; Bedside wall lamp is mostly installed in the upper left of the bedside, the lamp can be universal rotation, beam concentration, easy to read; The wall lamp before lens is decorated much use near bathroom mirror.

Wall lamp installs height to should exceed 1.8 meters of inspect level line slightly tall or so. Wall lamp of illumination shoulds not be too large, it is full of artistic appeal, the wall lamp chimney should be selected according to the wall color, white or yellow walls, appropriate USES the chimney of shallow green, light blue, light green and the sky blue walls, appropriate is used the chimney of milky white, pale yellow, dark brown, so, in a large area of color background wall cloth, a visible wall lamp on the ornament, give a person with elegant and pure and fresh feeling. The wire that joins wall lamp should choose light color, facilitate besmear the coating with consistent wall color, in order to maintain metope neat. Additional, can dig the small groove that a just as it is embedded electric wire on the wall first, embed electric wire, fill with lime level, besmear on and wall color are same coating again.