LED Street Light Development Direction

- Apr 16, 2019-

LED street light development direction

In order to save limited energy, the application of LED street lamps on the market is now wider and wider, and as a manifestation of new energy, it has the advantages of green environmental protection and renewable, and more and more cities are beginning to use it. As an outdoor lighting product, it has many advantages, can solve many environmental problems for the society, and bring more economic benefits. Between it has its unique secondary optical design, it will illuminate its light to the required range, thus further improving efficiency and saving energy.

 With its gradual development and greatly enhanced role in urban streets, LED street lights should not only meet the basic needs but also be able to enhance the style and taste of the city, and advance to the direction of art to add color to the city.

During this time, many customers consulted how many meters are the LED street lights generally set? In fact, LED street light installation spacing does not have a standard reference answer, there are many factors that will affect the installation spacing of LED street lights, what are the specific factors? Today Xiaobian told everyone about this problem, let everyone learn to set a reasonable LED street light spacing.

First, the height of the street light pole.

The height of the street light pole directly affects the LED street light spacing. The higher the height of the street light pole, the larger the LED street light spacing should be, and vice versa. Because the height of the street light pole is higher, the range of its lighting is larger, and the lateral distance of the illuminated ground is larger. Therefore, the spacing of the led street lamps should be reasonably increased. For a very simple example, a 4 meter led street light is compared with a 6 meter led street light. We can easily see that the light area of a 4 meter street light is less than the light area of a 6 meter street light, so a 4 meter led street light. The installation pitch should be smaller to ensure the overall lighting effect.

Second, led street light fixture power

The power of the led street light is also a factor that affects the installation pitch. At the same height, the greater the power, the LED street light spacing should be set larger. Usually for better lighting effects, the smaller the power, the lower the spacing should be.

The led street light spacing is mainly affected by the above two spacing. Finally, the small series of LED street lamp manufacturers directly talk about the conventional height and power of LED street lights. The spacing of 6 meters 40Wled street lamps is 18~20 meters, the spacing of 7 meters 60Wled street lamps is 25 meters to 30 meters, and the spacing of 8 meters 60Wled street lamps is 30 meters to 35 meters. The distance between 9 meters and 80Wled street lamps is 40 meters.

With the continuous development and maturity of technology, the performance of street lamps is getting stronger and stronger, the discharge depth of batteries is getting higher and higher, and the lighting effect is getting better and better. Although the price of street lamps is now cheaper than a few years ago, the price is still relatively expensive compared to other commercial lighting products of the same height, and the battery life of many street lamps on the market cannot be very long. At this stage, street lamp manufacturers must innovate to improve the service life of street lamps and reduce the price of street lamps, thus gaining huge market competitiveness. How exactly is the street lamp manufacturer innovative?