Led Sound-controlled Induction Lamp

- Jun 28, 2019-

Led sound-controlled induction lamp is a new type of led corridor lamp, which is different from the traditional sound-controlled lamp. Led sound-controlled sensor lamp integrates sound and light control.

An overview :

1. Energy saving: compared with traditional fluorescent lamp, it can save more than 60% electricity, and the energy saving control of our company can save up to 90% energy;

2. Environmental protection: the light source has no ultraviolet radiation, all the materials are environmentally friendly and pollution-free, meeting the requirements of environmental protection, reducing environmental pollution, and waste materials can be recycled and reused;

3. Long life: more than 50,000 hours, low replacement and maintenance cost;

4. Convenient transportation: good compression and vibration resistance, convenient transportation;

5. The lamp produced by our company adopts Taiwan wafer 3528 patch, with high brightness, small light decay and even luminescence;

6. Constant current drive power supply produced by our company, with high efficiency, high power factor and high constant current accuracy;

7. Aluminum substrate and radiator are adopted as heat conduction to effectively overcome the serious phenomenon of light decay caused by heat dissipation of LED lamps.

The principle:

LED sound-controlled induction lamp is a new high-tech product with intelligence and super energy saving. Through the microphone to detect the sound of the surrounding environment, and carry on the amplification, the subsequent circuit by detecting the trigger signal work. Intelligent detection of the surrounding environment, automatically adjust the working state.


LED intelligent sound control lamp tube, in addition to the general LED lamps have a long life, high luminous efficiency, short start time, high color index, low working temperature, material environmental protection and many other advantages, there are several more prominent features:

1. Super energy-saving: LED lighting can save more than 60% of electricity than ordinary energy-saving lamps in terms of energy saving. With the energy-saving control of our company, the energy saving can reach more than 90%.

2. Long warranty: from the date of purchase of products by domestic customers, the warranty period of 3 years is promised to avoid worries for customers.

3. Adopt new integration technology, integrate the voice control sensor and intelligent driver into an LED lamp tube, which is very convenient to install, and the price is close to ordinary LED lamp tube

4. Reduced operating costs, high return on investment and remarkable results.