LED Solar Street Lamp System Design

- Jul 29, 2019-

LED light-emitting principle for solid light, LED the spectra of almost all concentrated in the visible light spectrum, so luminous efficiency is as high as 90% above, therefore, new light source, LED has been hailed as the 21st century will become the incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp, high intensity discharge lamp after the fourth generation of light source, LED light source the new lighting source will replace traditional lighting light source, is driven with a new industrial revolution - lighting revolution. A complete set of LED solar street lamp system includes: LED light source, controller, battery, solar cell module and lamp body. During the day, solar cell modules convert light energy into electricity, which is stored in the battery through the controller. At night, the battery supplies power to the light source through the controller, making it convert into light energy and lighting the road. The lamp body mainly plays the role of system protection and decoration during the day to ensure the normal operation of this cycle. Among them, LED light source, controller and battery are the key to determine the performance of street lamp system, which must be optimized and reasonably configured in the design.

Matching design is an important factor related to the reliability and stability of the system, which should be paid attention to, mainly considering the following aspects: (1) the solar battery power generation and load power consumption ratio is reasonable. (2) power consumption and battery capacity ratio should meet the requirements of continuous rainy days and reasonable discharge depth. (3) reasonable ratio of solar battery charging current and battery capacity. (4) reasonable ratio of load discharge current and battery capacity. 

2) technical features of LED street lighting: the purpose of road lighting is to provide a visually safe and reliable condition for night drivers. The brightness of high-brightness LED street lighting must meet the brightness requirements required for traffic safety under existing road conditions. Its luminous efficiency and intensity can meet the brightness requirements of existing road lighting. In order to make the design more perfect, the following points should be carefully considered: (1) compared with conventional lighting, LED has obvious advantages. LED belongs to low-voltage power supply, insulation requirements are not high, obviously save investment; Simple structure, belongs to the solid light source, and resistant to impact, vibration, not easy to break; LED is a cold light source, good control, fast response time, repeatedly and frequently on and off, not tired; Ultra-low energy consumption, super long life, etc. The intelligent core of LED street lamp lies in the design of switching power supply. In the applications of high power LED, heat dissipation is another key consideration, now LED the energy consumption of about 80% above is converted into heat, and semiconductor devices is not resistant to high temperature, the cooling do bad, will cause serious droop, some serious half a year may be down to half the original, in the street lamp on high power LED is much more than series parallel application, must adopt aluminum alloy radiator fin) wind. 

(2) selection of battery in the process of use, the maintenance of valve-controlled lead-acid battery needs to establish a precise charging and discharging system and implement it, so that the battery can achieve the optimal performance and the longest service life. The most important modules of the controller are PWM dimming controller and constant current module. In addition, intelligent controller is added in LED street lamp, which enables LED street lamp to have light control, time control and temperature control. It can automatically open and close the street lamp according to the ambient brightness, preventing waste caused by daytime lighting. (4) other aspects as far as possible to simplify the structure, design for streamline, in order to reduce wind resistance, increase the flow rate of rain, and pay attention to reduce weight, first is to save non-ferrous metals, second is to reduce the stress caused by weight, increase the safety of road lighting.