LED Smart Light

- Jun 26, 2019-

LED smart light transparent liquid and various three-dimensional patterns gently reflect the light, creating a three-dimensional effect to give a person a warm feeling. LED smart lights use 100-240v /AC power supply, suitable for the world's electricity voltage, power consumption is small, the total power is 0.09w, energy-saving more than 95%, long service life, service life of more than 50,000 hours.


Automatic photosensitive switch, energy saving; Day will automatically close, dark will automatically open the light, from now on, the child sleep no longer afraid of the dark, at the same time farewell to wake up at night when the strong light to the eyes stimulation.

1. Intelligent sensor: when a person or a car enters the detection range of the product, the intelligent sensor will open the lamp and automatically extinguishes it after leaving the detection range.

2. Intelligent delay: intelligent sensor lamp takes the time of the last active object detected as the starting point, and automatically extinguish the time delay, which will not cause the situation of midway extinguish.

3. Working mode: after the induction switch is switched on, during the delay period, if there is an object, the switch will continue to be switched on until the moving object leaves.

4, photosensitive control: according to the outside light intensity, automatically identify day and night, control whether the switch is working, to achieve the effect of energy saving.

Development trend to the field of home extension

II.Compared with home, office, business environment is obviously more suitable for the main high efficiency, energy saving of intelligent lighting, therefore, smart in China market is not yet mature, the application of intelligent lighting field are mainly concentrated in the field of business and public facilities, hotels, convention and exhibition venues, municipal engineering, road traffic in the field of intelligent illumination adopted more.

This situation will be gradually reversed. With the development of domestic intelligent lighting research and production technology and the increase of product promotion, the application of intelligent lighting in the field of home is expected to be popularized. Studies have pointed out that the intelligent technology and electronic ballast, etc. The combination of new lighting source and lighting technology, will build a new platform for the lighting technology, its application field from intelligent household lighting to intelligent lighting city, there are infinite and broad prospects, and are creating a new high technology and high content of scientific ideas of lighting culture.

Intelligent lighting that focuses more on human behavior

All the achievements of science and technology should serve mankind. In the initial stage of development, intelligent lighting often falls into the blind pursuit of technology. The superposition of functions and the setting of curiosity psychology lead to consumers' skepticism towards intelligent products for a long time. Many intelligent lighting products are ridiculed online.

With the development of intelligent lighting gradually becoming mature, intelligent research on human experience will become the mainstream. Based on human behavior, visual effect and visual physiological and psychological research, intelligent lighting with more scientific content and people-oriented efficiency, comfort and health will be developed. The combination of intelligent technology and lighting enables lighting to further meet the lighting needs of different individuals and groups of different levels. It is an indispensable technical means for lighting to meet the needs of ordinary people and individual and individual needs, which should also be the development direction of intelligent lighting.

Open unified standards, good interoperability between products from different vendors

If different research and development companies are willing to listen more to the voice of end consumers, they will find out how much trouble their smart products have brought to consumers. Due to the high technicality and strong correlation of the intelligent lighting system, the probability of problems is higher than that of traditional lighting. Some insiders even said that "at present, more than 90% of the intelligent home products cannot be directly bought by users, which can be directly installed and used, and the lack of after-sales maintenance is more normal". Below this circumstance, if the obstacle on performance of the product of different manufacturer is a few less, intelligent product has its oneness, consumer saves trouble much. Of course, this will have to wait until intelligent lighting develops to a more advanced stage and gets more widespread popularity in the end market and becomes a consumer lighting product.

Individuation, diversification, added value

Nowadays consumer disposition is fond of various, single function cannot satisfy, the individuation setting of the product can be a big window that attracts consumer undoubtedly. According to the individual preferences of users, intelligent lighting products can also provide personalized services to become the mainstream trend of future consumption.

At the same time, the intelligent lighting does not only exist as a lamp, a switch, it will be and the tent together as a household, a household system, all-round to provide users with comfortable environment and service, with the development of the whole intelligent household, the wisdom city and the addition of iot, intelligent integration solutions to different intelligent item into a blue ocean of intelligence.