Led Red And Blue Plant Fill Light Lamp Harmful To People?

- Jul 08, 2019-

The light itself has no effect on people as long as they don't stare at it for long.

1, LED this relatively energy-saving, waste heat emission is very little, and the life is very long. LED planting is ok. Although LED can be full-spectrum, the distribution of full-spectrum lamp beads is not very uniform. If a small area is illuminated at close range, the spectrum distribution is not balanced for small plants. And no LED with uva has been found yet.

LED is more energy-saving, the uneven distribution of lamp beads can be solved by large scale, long distance, but in general, full-spectrum LED is more suitable for greenhouses and factory planting. The lack of UVB is also better for C3, C4 plants. If you add UVB beads alone, large area of high intensity, it is ok.

But in general it's not very efficient in small quantities. If annual plants, regardless of root development, regardless of morphology, red and blue enough, if you consider the root development needs to add orange yellow light, orange yellow light also has a certain underground accumulation;

2. Tricolor heat is not too much and cheap, the spectral distribution is not very reasonable, and the energy consumption is relatively large, and the utilization rate of the luminescence of plants is below 70%. The disadvantage of using three primary colors is that it is a bit more energy consuming. Without a light intensity of 10000LX, it is not effective for desert plants.

However, the energy required for 10000LX is quite horrible. I have calculated that it is more than 500 watts (50CM distance) per square meter, which is not very economical for long-term use.

3. Xiao sun, as its name suggests, is a small sun that imitates solar illumination and even heat. If it's enough, if it's bright enough, it's the same as sunlight. But energy consumption is scary in "sufficient" quantities, and none of the South African plants we like are too hot.

Not bad for growing tropical water plants, or if you are planning to plant lotus flowers out of season, but the energy consumption is too amazing.

4. The main component of the rare earth lamp is copper selenium powder, resulting in a specific spectrum, blue and pink. Aquarium lamp also is this kind, belong to fluorescent lamp like 3 base color. The spectral accuracy is higher than the primary colors and less than the LED, which means that the energy consumption is higher than the LED to achieve the same effect and the service life is shorter than the LED.

But his advantage is that the light is uniform and the spectrum is continuous. This uniform light is better if we don't need too much area to shine. Now the main use is this, the blue has a certain amount of UVA and can be ignored UVB, more suitable for matching with UVB lamp. Germany and the United States began producing the lamps a few years ago for use in aquatic plants.

Now it is also produced in China. 200W per square meter is basically enough for desert plants, if the plateau plants, can be appropriately increased. Not too much, it will be tragic, now meat friends use more blue lights, use blue lights alone plant state will be a little abnormal, if as a half sunlight supplement no problem, if in the daytime average below 2000LX environment must add red light.