LED Point Light

- Jul 01, 2019-

1.LED dot lights are divided into two types: Target Point light source and Free Point light source.

With low power, long life, environmental protection and other characteristics. Widely used in buildings, Bridges, overpasses, decorative lighting. It can be controlled by computer to transmit advertisement information in real time, play advertisement video and change advertisement content at will.

2.Introduction :

LED dot lights are divided into two types: Target Point light source and Free Point light source.

Target point light sources can be used to project light to a target point using isotropic, spotlight, or web patterns. The function of the free point light source is the same as that of the target point light source. Similarly, the three luminosity properties of the free point light source control the distribution of light.

Linear light source can be divided into Target Linear light source and Free Linear light source. Goal-line sources use to Diffuse and Diffuse light onto a target object.

A free-line light source works the same as a target-line light source, but without the target object, the user can change the direction of the light. Similarly, free-line light sources have the properties of controlling the distribution of light by the above two luminosity. The diffuse distribution of light will project light to the surface at a maximum intensity at an Angle, and the intensity decreases as the Angle is tilted. Web distribution types allow users to customize the intensity of the light emitted.


Can be arbitrary programming control of multiple synchronous changes, can achieve synchronous color, jump, scan, water and other full-color change effect, can also be multiple point light source to form a dot matrix screen, change a variety of pictures, text, animation effects; It has the characteristics of low power and long life. Widely used in buildings, Bridges, overpasses, decorative lighting.


LED point light and LED display can be controlled by the computer in real time transmission of advertising information, advertising video, replacing the contents of advertisements, and higher pixel of LED display, display corresponding precision is higher also, close the effect is more good, LED point light display at a distance to watch also has a phase when a good visual effect, can meet the needs of the large advertising remote visual, neon signs change relatively drab, real-time transmission and can't change the contents of advertisements, poor use function.

Environmental protection:

Green lighting is an ecological design goal followed by the whole world. LED is an efficient and energy-saving light source, which does not need to be filled with mercury. It can reduce energy consumption and reduce the emission of greenhouse gases and other pollutants into the atmosphere.