LED Plant Growth Lamp Market Analysis

- Aug 07, 2019-

What is LED plant growth lamp

LED plant growth lamp is a kind of plant lamp, it takes LED(light-emitting diode) as the light source, according to the growth rules of plants must need sunlight, with light to replace the sunlight to plant growth and development environment of a lamp.

LED plant growth lights replace light sources

Plant factory's appeal is to replace natural light with artificial light source, to move plants from outdoor to indoor, so that the growth of plants is not affected by environmental changes. Plant growth lamp is more environmentally friendly and energy-saving. LED plant lamp provides photosynthesis to plants, promotes plant growth, reduces the time of flowering and fruit, and improves production. In the modernization construction, it is the crop indispensable product.

LED lights instead of natural light can shorten the growth time of plants by 1/3

Growing vegetables is not restricted by the season. Vegetables that are ripe in 15 days can be harvested in 5 days. This is a typical example of using LED light to stimulate the growth of plants. Plants can photosynthesize for up to 16 hours a day, but the limited amount of natural light they get slows them down.

However, if LED lights are used to provide continuous light to plants, and LED lights are used to replace natural light, the ripening period of vegetables can be shortened by one third as soon as possible, which can increase production.

The advantages of LED plant lighting compared with traditional plants

Energy saving: it can directly produce the light needed by plants, producing the same lumens of photons, and consume less electricity;

Efficient: leds are monochromatic and can match the needs of plants to produce a wave of light that traditional plant lights cannot.

Disadvantages of LED plant lighting compared with traditional plants:

Lighting Angle: traditional plant lights can glow 360 degrees, while LED plant lights cannot

Heat dissipation: due to the large power of LED plant lamps, special fans should be installed to dissipate heat.

LED plant lights market prospects

In the past, LED lighting cost remained high, so plant plants mostly used fluorescent lamps or high pressure sodium lamps. With the decline of LED price and technical improvement, LED application in plant plants appeared a new wave of progress.

Plant growth LED flat panel lamp alliance standards released

At present, there are many LED lighting products used for plant growth, such as flat lamp, double-end lamp, flexible lamp belt, etc., all of which will gradually change with the development of technology. CSAS will gradually carry out the standardization of LED lighting for plant growth according to the development of technology to promote the progress of science and technology and support the development of the industry.