LED Landscape Lights Are Suitable For Those Places

- Aug 14, 2019-

Along with economic development, urban landscape lighting and architectural lighting gradually be taken seriously, the overall level of urban landscape lighting has a larger increase, from pure let lights up to the pursuit of beauty, from the general light source pursuit to energy conservation and environmental protection and other high-tech light source, this along the way, make our country city the night sky is more and more bright beautiful.

In modern city lighting, outdoor landscape lamps, with their simple and novel shapes, form a harmonious picture with modern city while providing lighting, and bring people a kind of beauty enjoyment.

LED landscape lights can meet the needs of lighting design where the light is needed, and can eliminate annoying glare, win more attractive profit space, instead of large power projection lights for large area of lighting, "energy saving and emission reduction" fell to the actual, visible, tangible! It can be seen that LED landscape lamps have great energy-saving effect. With the progress of the society, LED landscape lamp is no longer limited to simple design, because it takes into account the different needs of different lighting places in lighting projects, LED landscape lamp achieves various patterns and styles.

LED landscape lighting festival can be environmentally friendly, easy to use, rich color, diverse shapes, suitable for all kinds of occasions, although the current price is higher, the future will be the popular development trend of landscape lighting. In landscape lighting, we believe that LED has more unique advantages. LED landscape lighting will develop rapidly along the multi-disciplinary avenue towards the direction of art, intelligence and flexibility.

LED landscape lamps are landscape lamps integrated with LED technology. It is an indispensable part of the modern landscape. It not only has high ornamental value, but also emphasizes the harmony and unity of the landscape of art lamp with the history and culture of the scenic spot and the surrounding environment. Use different shapes, different light color and brightness to design the scene. For example, the red light lantern shape landscape lights for the square to bring a festive atmosphere, green coconut tree lights in the pool side of a group of tropical style.

In addition to the five advantages of no mercury, energy saving, material saving, no electromagnetic interference to the environment and no harmful rays, LED light source has many advantages in the field of lighting, especially in landscape lighting. For example: low-voltage power supply -- no high-voltage link, the overhead for insulation is much smaller and the reliability is high; Simple accessories - no starter, ballast or uhv transformer; Simple structure -- it has the biggest advantage of solid light source, no inflation, no glass shell, no gas sealing problem, impact resistance; Good controllability -- fast response time (order of microsecond), can be repeatedly and frequently on and off, basically no inertia, no fatigue; Color pure thick - by the semiconductor PN junction itself to produce color, pure, strong; Rich color - three basic colors plus digital technology, can evolve arbitrary color; Light structure -- material saving, cost saving; Very low requirements for lamp strength and stiffness; -- small and large LED lamps can be considered to be composed of LED cells, the smallest LED is only the order of square millimeter or smaller; Good flexibility -- LED light source is exquisite, so that LED can adapt to various geometric sizes and different space size decorative lighting requirements, such as: point, line, surface, ball, different forms, and even any artistic sculpture lighting; It can be seen that LED is worthy of the pride of the 21st century green lighting. Therefore, the landscape lamp using LED light source can make the artistic creativity of landscape lamps reach a higher level.