LED Landscape Lighting

- Jun 20, 2019-

The goal of LED landscape lighting is to harmonize landscape lighting with landscape, to achieve a new level of beautification due to "landscape" and architectural characteristics.

1.Landscape and LED light source

Science needs analysis and understanding, landscape lighting needs appreciation and taste, and art needs deep intuition. Landscape lighting art must be through light and lighting, to generate vitality.

Lighting can change the appearance of the environment, artistic lighting and color, constitute the dynamic and static light, sound, color of the landscape, more show the landscape garden lamps of the sketch, sculpture, fashion, to the ornament of the natural environment.

With the continuous change of people's ideology and lifestyle, lamps and lanterns, light sources, materials, styles and design methods have undergone great changes. Choose appropriate illuminant, besides economic factor the simple sense reliability consideration from effect of whole light environment and material even, still pay attention to natural environment and illume oneness. Landscape lighting clever use of LED light source away from the traditional way of design.

2.LED light environment

To improve visibility and viewing. LED has been increasingly applied to the signal and the logo lighting, road traffic lights, induction lights and contours of the building's facade lighting, city square, garden, walking the streets of garden light color lighting, more are produced after using high brightness LED, its characteristics and very long service life, excellent energy-saving lighting designer and the owners.

3.Characteristics of LED light source

1). Good luminescence uniformity, emitting light Angle at 100o, luminescence rate at 40 ~ 50Lm/W.

2). The average life of the light source is no less than 100,000 hours, and there is no serious light decay. The luminescence attenuation is no more than 10%, and the energy consumption is no more than 24W.

3). The luminous wavelength should be consistent, and the luminous intensity of the light color RGB should be able to change continuously

Red light: lambda =630nm ~ 650nm

Yellow light: lambda =585nm ~ 593 nm

Green light: lambda =525nm to 528nm

Blu-ray: lambda =467nm ~ 473 nm

4). It can be programmed and controlled according to the overall requirements of the environment to produce the overall effect of art landscape.

4.Industry characteristics

At present, under the rapidly developing lighting industry and the market environment of constant innovation, the lighting application field is more and more subdivided, and the lighting product innovation is a step by step every day. China's lighting industry is in an unprecedented period of rapid development.

Feature 1: fully entering the LED lighting era;

Feature 2: customized lighting to decorate urban landscape;

Feature three: intelligent control leads technology lighting;

Feature 4: landscape lighting lighting visual arts.