LED Lamp Plant Growth

- Jul 08, 2019-

 LED lamp plant growth is a kind of can promote plant growth lamp, because he is on our lighting tubes, it is called a LED lamp plant growth, the main principle is the use of light demand to design, plant growth is inseparable from the light, we inside the tubes full use of the plants need light, can promote plant growth, the important role in the field of all kinds of planting industry.

LED plant growth tube adopts ultra-bright LED white lamp as luminous light source, and its shell is combined with aluminum and plastic. Design, structure, power saving, easy to use secure and reliable long life. To the world the first selection of the latest environmental protection and energy saving lighting. LED fluorescent lamp with the traditional fluorescent lamp shape, size, caliber, fully compatible with original equipment and voltage. Our company existing length 60 cm, 120 cm, two types of LED lamp plant, the power of 9 w, respectively 18 w.

LED model F5 :288PCS;

Color red/blue/white Angle :120 degrees;

Actual power 11W weight 0.75kg;

Dimension D26*1200mm working current 240mA;

Temperature -20°-40° lens material Aluminum&PC;

Input voltage AC220v/110v operating frequency 50/60hz;

1. Light distribution technology expands LED point light source to surface light source, increases luminous surface, eliminates glare, sublimates visual effect, and eliminates visual fatigue;

2. Long service life: LED plant growth lamp has a service life of over 50,000 hours, which is more than 10 times that of ordinary fluorescent lamp;

3. Aluminum-plastic structure. Our company's LED plant lamp tube has aluminum profile on the back, which maximizes the heat dissipation of LED chips, guarantees the life of LED chips, and reduces the light decay of LED chips. The front of LED plant growth lamp is PVC material with high light transmittance and safety, and equipped with frosting and precision for customers to choose from. Strict close aluminum structure ensures the waterproof and long service life of the solar tube.

4. Dc voltage drive, due to our company's solar tube used isolation type dc drive, reduced the general fluorescent glow of the link, this not only makes the fluorescent lamp can be reliable instant on, also further reduce as much as 30% of the energy consumption, more obvious is unstable so that light flashing, to include the eyes, completely eliminate the hum of the common fluorescent lamp.

5. No interference, because LED fluorescent lamp USES semiconductor luminescence lighting, the electromagnetic radiation is very low, is the best choice for high-end precision instrument internal lighting and high-end commodity lighting.

6. Significant energy saving. With ultra-bright high-power LED light source and high-efficiency power supply, it can save more than 80% electricity than traditional incandescent lamp, and its brightness is 10 times that of incandescent lamp under the same power.