LED Courtyard Lights Main Components

- Jun 20, 2019-

LED courtyard lamp is mainly composed of five components:

1. LED lighting system: LED light source system includes heat dissipation, light distribution and LED module.

2. Lamps: LED lighting system is installed inside lamps. Cut wire as wire, take 1.0mm? Red and black copper core multi-strand wire, each section 6 section 40mm, both ends strip head 5mm, and dip tin. Make lamp board lead, take yc2x1.0mm? Two core wire, a section of 700mm, inner end peel 60mm, brown wire stripping head 5mm, tin immersion; Blue strip head 5mm, tin impregnated. Peel off 80mm outer skin and 20mm brown wire peel head; Blue thread stripping head 20mm.

3. Light pole: the main materials of LED courtyard light pole are: equal-diameter steel pipe, heterosexual steel pipe, equal-diameter aluminum pipe, cast aluminum lamp pole and aluminum alloy lamp pole. The diameter of the commonly used have, 60, 76, 89, Φ Φ Φ Φ 100, 114, 140, 165, Φ Φ Φ according to different height and the place, the selected material thickness is divided into: wall thickness, wall thickness, wall thickness 3.0 3.5 2.5. (above are normal sizes)

4, flange and basic embedded parts: flange is an important component of LED garden lamp pole and ground installation. LED courtyard lamp installation method: before installing LED garden light, need according to the manufacturer to provide standard flange size, use the M16 or M20 (commonly used specifications) screw welded into a cage, and then in the installation location, the excavation, appropriate size of the hole, the foundation cage placed among them, the level of correction after using cement concrete casting based on fixed cage, 3-7 cement concrete fully solidified in the future, can install garden light. (note: the embedded pipes need to be drawn out when the LED courtyard lamp foundation is poured).

II.Advantages of LED garden lights:

(1) energy saving has the characteristics of low voltage current, small brightness and high brightness. A 10 - to 12W LED courtyard light source emits as much light as a 35 - to 150W incandescent bulb. The same lighting effect,LED courtyard lights than traditional light source energy saving 80%~90%. LED courtyard lights consume less energy. With the progress of technology, they will become a new type of energy-saving lighting source. At present, the light effect of white LED courtyard lamp has reached 251mW, which is higher than the level of ordinary incandescent lamp. LED courtyard lamp has a narrow monochromatic spectrum and almost all the emitted light can be used, and it directly emits color light without filtering.

(2) new green light source. LED courtyard light USES cold light source, which has little glare and no radiation, and does not emit harmful substances in use. LED courtyard lamp has better environmental protection benefits. There is no ultraviolet and infrared ray in the spectrum, and the waste can be recycled. There is no mercury element and no pollution and it can be safely touched, which is a typical green lighting source.

(3) long life. LED courtyard lamp USES solid-state semiconductor chip to convert electric energy into light energy, and is packaged with epoxy resin. There is no loose part in the body, and there are no defects such as filament luminescence, easy heat deposition and light decay. It can withstand high-intensity mechanical impact and work normally under the environment of 30~50℃. The single tube life of LED courtyard lamp is 10×l04}1, and the light source life is more than 2×l04}1, and the life of the light source is more than 5 years if it works for 12h per day, while the life of ordinary incandescent lamp is about 1000h, and the life of fluorescent lamp metal halide lamp is less than 10000h. (4) reasonable structure of lamps and lanterns. LED courtyard lamp will be completely changed to its structure. According to different professional requirements, the structure of LED courtyard lamp will be further enhanced by rare earth and its luminance will be further enhanced by optical lens when the initial luminance is increased. LED courtyard lamp is a solid-state light source encapsulated in epoxy resin. Its structure has no vulnerable parts such as glass bubble filament. It is an all-solid structure that can withstand vibration and shock without being damaged.