LED Alarm Lamp

- Jul 01, 2019-

LED anti-theft lamps are used in alleyways and sidewalks to reduce the probability of small snacks and robbers. Meanwhile, psychological reports have confirmed that such lamps can reduce people's motivation to commit crimes.


The service life of this kind of lamps is very long. In addition to vertical LED lamps like LED street lamps, LED anti-theft lamps, LED linear floor lamps for the ground, outdoor LED linear wall lamps for the walls of buildings, and linear water LED lighting appliances with high integration degree with the environment.

Market prospect

The development of LED anti-theft lamp market is a field that the traditional lighting market could not enter, which is a new challenge field for LED lighting industry. Such products need to be promoted by the government, including tourism, regional security and other administrative departments, which are leading the emergence of such products in the market.

Use effect

LED anti-theft lights do not have to use the highest level of luminous efficiency, but the life of the product will be valued. Besides white LED, blue LED is the most important part of the LED crime prevention lamp. Through white and blue light, it can reduce the motivation of criminals psychologically, especially the part that needs blue light. The purpose of white LED is to provide some degree of illumination, but not as bright as ordinary LED street lights.