Knowledge Of Growth Lamp

- Jun 12, 2019-

1.Growth lamp is according to the natural law of plant growth and the principle of photosynthesis, a kind of lamp that provides illumination compensation to greenhouse plant, can promote growth, prolong flowering period, improve quality. It is also commonly called a plant fill light or greenhouse fill light.

2.The principle of growing lamps

Color fluorescent lamp and special tube for plants

· the use of monochrome colored fluorescent lamps as supplementary light source for plant growth is the most economical way. For instance can add gules fluorescent lamp inside group of common fluorescent lamp, or use gules, blue fluorescent lamp combination illume.

· effects of light on chlorophyll synthesis of plants: plants cultured with blue light generally have the characteristics of positive plants, while plants cultured with red light are similar to negative plants.

Red light is not only beneficial to the synthesis of plant carbohydrates, but also can accelerate the development of long-day plants. On the contrary, blue violet light accelerates the development of short-day plants and promotes the synthesis of proteins and organic acids, while short-wave blue violet light and ultraviolet light can inhibit the elongation of stem internodes and promote the growth of multiple side branches and buds.

· LED is used for plant growth lights

Color phosphor wavelength

Semiconductor bulbs are used to provide the best light source for plant growth.

3.Configure light source suitable for plant growth

Proportionally set color lighting can make strawberries and tomatoes sweeter and more nutritious. To illuminate Holly seedlings with light mimics the photosynthesis of plants outdoors. Photosynthesis is the process by which green plants, through their chloroplasts, use light energy to convert carbon dioxide and water into energy-storing organic matter and release oxygen. Sunlight is made up of different colors of light. Different colors of light have different effects on plant growth.

Previously, astronauts could only eat "dry food" brought from earth when they flew in space, but with "nutritious light", astronauts could grow fresh vegetables and fruits in the spacecraft.

4.The application of transforming traditional farming

1). Defects of traditional plant light source

At present, artificial light sources used in plant growth include fluorescent lamp, high pressure sodium lamp, metal halide lamp, etc. These light sources are deficient in plant growth. Firstly, the spectrum is basically linear and does not match well with the photosynthetic absorption spectrum of plants. The only light that can be absorbed by plants is the light of individual bands, and the light of other bands is wasted and not energy saving. Second, such as incandescent light bulbs, fluorescent tubes, sodium lamp power consumption is larger, at the same time produce a lot of heat radiation, can't close distance from exposure to the plant, the plant growth light incentive efficiency is not high, greatly increased the cost of artificial lighting, and except on some high value-added flower cultivation and artificial climate chamber test has been employed in the outside, is not widely used in agricultural production. In recent years, with the wide use of agricultural production in greenhouses, and the research progress of artificial climate chamber to raise the level of agricultural science and technology in greenhouse to light and reduce to the cost of light research has become more and more important, the new type energy saving high efficient to light measures become the research hot spot, the successful design of the new luminous material provides an opportunity for the solution of the problem. The new energy efficient LED light source is the best choice.

2). Advantages of new intelligent ecological light source system

Using a variety of specific monochrome LED integrated light source has the following advantages: (1) the spectrum of LED light source can best match with the photosynthetic absorption spectrum of plants; 2. LED light intensity and photoperiod can be automatically controlled; (3) LED light source with energy saving, environmental protection and anti-vibration advantages, in the same brightness, LED light source power consumption is about one tenth of incandescent lamp, one half of fluorescent lamp, can be used for large-scale factory plant breeding. Undoubtedly, this is the best way to give light in agricultural production and the inevitable trend of future development.