International Motion Sensor Research Hotspot

- Oct 09, 2019-

A sensor is a device or device that can sense a specified measured piece and convert it into usable signals according to a certain rule. It is usually composed of two parts: a sensitive element and a conversion element.

Motion sensor is a tracking device fixed on a specific part of a moving object. It can provide motion capture system with motion location information. It is an important device to realize motion capture technology and can be widely used in biological rehabilitation medicine, sports training, daily activity detection and other fields,It, computer technology and communication technology constitute the three pillars of information technology.

In recent 6 years, the number of international motion sensor publications has shown an overall trend of growth, which indicates that the international motion sensor research is developing at a fast pace and has received a high degree of attention.

Keywords are extracted from the title and abstract of the literature as the summary of the topic of the article and the author's research focus. At present, the research focus is mainly focused on the six major co-occurrence cluster labels, namely, adult, hinge, buckling, synchronous positioning, rectifier and internal tension.

Future research trends are likely to focus on generator permeability, motion capture, thin film pressure, production and manufacturing of wearable sensor devices and identification of rapid motion.

Motion sensor performance optimization is mainly manifested in the types of motion sensors, sensing materials, identification of data and combined with the application of network technology, etc., the type 

of motion sensor changes more and more tend to a high degree of mobility and convenience, graphene fabrics have been exploring for the highly sensitive sensor material application, it has high sensitivity and reversible extensibility of unique properties, greatly promoted the size and power consumption on the solution of the problem.

The research on motion sensors is mainly focused on the performance of motion sensors, the development and application of stereoscopic measurement of human kinematics indicators, and the innovation of motion sensor positioning and tracking system.