Installing Solar Street Lights In Rural Areas Has Great Advantages

- Apr 11, 2019-

Installing solar street lights in rural areas has great advantages

As China's economic construction is getting better and better, the people's living standards are rapidly improving, not only urban residents, but also the pockets of the rural people. Many rural people are getting higher and higher quality of life. They all hope that the country roads at night can be equipped with street lights and their nights. Solar street lights are favored by rural people and have now become the first choice for rural road lighting construction. Why do rural people like rural solar street lights so much? What are the great advantages it attracts people?

1. Rural solar streetlights use solar energy as an energy source, while solar energy is environmentally friendly and inexhaustible, with long-term economic benefits.

2. Rural solar street lights do not need wiring, simple installation, one-time investment, long service life, simple maintenance and low maintenance cost.

3. Solar street light is the LED light source used. The LED light source has good luminous effect, high luminous efficiency, long service life, high color rendering index, and low energy consumption.

4. The solar street lamp has high safety, and the controller intelligently adjusts the solar street light (time control + light control). If a short circuit occurs, the controller can also automatically power off the solar street light. And the voltage is 12V or 24V, even if there is leakage, it will not cause harm to people.

In short, the installation of solar street lights in rural areas also has many advantages, Xiaobian can not talk so much. Xiao Bian believes that installing solar street lights in rural areas is a good choice, but you must choose a solar street light with a higher configuration, so that the overall lighting effect will be better, and the number of days will continue to be longer. After all, installing solar street lights in rural areas is also a very costly business. If you choose to configure low-level solar street lights, then there will be insufficient lighting time, and the lighting effect will not be worth the loss.

In the face of increasing global oil and energy shortages, inexhaustible solar energy is beginning to be widely used. Solar energy is green, clean and pollution-free, so various solar products on the market are swarming, and among these products, it is a solar light product. Solar lights are not only widely used in road lighting construction, but also in many rural areas. The family is used in their garden. Xiao Bian believes that the future of home solar lights is also a trend. Although the home solar light does not seem complicated, it must be very careful to install it, and a series of preparations must be made to ensure that the solar light installation is successful and normal. Next, the small series of solar street lamp manufacturers will teach you what to pay attention to before installing solar lights.

1. Before installation, it is necessary to check the model and specifications of solar light poles, LED lamps, solar panels, solar lamp controllers, solar batteries, and should meet the design requirements.

2. Check the appearance of each part of the solar light to see if there is any obvious damage.

3. Check whether the installation orientation and angle of the solar panel meet the design requirements, and ensure that there is no obstruction around. If there is a light pole, keep the pole perpendicular to the ground.

4. Check whether the parameters of the solar street light controller are debugged according to the lighting time and the number of rainy days.

5. To ensure that the longitudinal centerline of the solar luminaire and the center line of the lamp arm should be consistent, the horizontal centerline of the solar luminaire should be parallel to the ground.

6. When installing the solar light, install it according to the installation instructions provided by the manufacturer, and strictly follow the correct steps to prevent the positive and negative poles from making mistakes.