How To Do The LED Street Light Quotation Form?

- Apr 15, 2019-

How to do the LED street light quotation form?

With the reform of road lighting in these years, LEDs have begun to be used in outdoor lighting. LED street lights have instantly become the "sweet" in street lamps. Although LED street lamps are more expensive than traditional street lamps, they are still very popular among engineers. . One point to mention here is that when the engineers are doing LED street light quotation, the price of LED street lights is not too accurate, resulting in many engineering budgets being low. Today, street lamp manufacturers teach you how to do engineering and buyers. LED street light quotation form.

The first thing we need to know is the height of the LED street light and the wattage of the street light fixture.

First, the calculation method of street lamp pole price

We have determined the height of the lamppost we need, the specific upper and lower caliber. The wall thickness of the lamp pole can be calculated according to the lamp pole calculation formula provided by the street lamp manufacturer or directly to the street lamp manufacturer for the price of the height and the parameter of the lamp post.

Second, the calculation method of LED street light fixture

Determine the wattage of street light fixtures. Regular street light fixtures such as small gold beans can be calculated according to 3 yuan per watt. If it is some unconventional style, it can be calculated according to 4.5 yuan a watt.

Third, the price of embedded parts

The price of the embedded parts is usually calculated according to the size of the flange of the street lamp base, and the street lamp manufacturer can be directly inquired.

The above is the method of simply making the LED street light quotation form, and then introduce the price of several conventional high-level self-bending arm LED street lights.

6-meter LED street light price: upper caliber 60, lower caliber 140, wall thickness 2.5, light source wattage 40W, flange 260 by 260, the price is 670 yuan.

7-meter LED street light price: upper diameter 65, lower diameter 150, wall thickness 2.75, light source wattage 50W, flange 280 by 280, the price is 820 yuan.

8 meters LED street light price: upper diameter 70, lower diameter 160, wall thickness 2.75, light source wattage 60W, flange 280 by 280, the price is 920 yuan.

I believe that after reading the above introduction, all engineering and purchasers should generally know how to do the LED street light quotation form. Of course, when doing the LED street light quotation form, try to ask the regular street lamp manufacturers if they don’t understand. The quotes coming out are as accurate as possible.

I believe that everyone is no stranger to the LED street lights on the road. It is everywhere, and it is also one of many LED products. It inherits the advantages of LED energy saving and high brightness, and is favored by people. It is widely used by street lamp manufacturers. In today's road lighting construction project. However, it must be installed in strict order according to the steps in the installation, and pay attention to some matters to ensure the normal operation of the LED street light. Next, Xiaobian will briefly explain the installation steps and precautions for LED street lights.

First, LED street light installation steps and precautions

1. Select the installation location

Choose the right installation location for easy foundation and installation of the pole. Be careful not to choose a wet place to prevent the lamp post from becoming unstable.

2. Wiring (laying buried cable)

According to the engineering requirements, select the appropriate type of cable, lay the cable, and also conduct insulation test on the cable to ensure that the test values meet the requirements of the specification, and put the cable in the waterproof nylon tube.

3. Digging holes

According to the size of the embedded parts, the pits of the appropriate size are dug for pouring.