How To Choose Led Garden Lamp

- Jun 13, 2019-

First, the courtyard lamp installation construction method:

1. Measurement lofting: the positioning shall be conducted in strict accordance with the marks in the construction drawings. The lofting shall be conducted with the level instrument according to the datum point and reference elevation delivered by the resident supervision engineer, and submitted to the resident supervision engineer for inspection.

2. Foundation pit excavation: the foundation pit shall be excavated in strict accordance with the elevation and geometric dimensions required by the design. After excavation, the foundation shall be cleaned and compacted.

3. Foundation casting: street lamp foundation is the focus of this project, which is related to the strength and stability of the sign. Therefore, it must:

(1) in strict accordance with the material specifications and technical specifications specified in the design drawings, the preparation and installation of foundation reinforcement bar shall be carried out and verified by resident supervision engineers.

(2) the basic embedded parts shall be hot-dip galvanized.

(3) concrete pouring shall be fully stirred and evenly mixed in strict accordance with the material ratio, pouring in accordance with the horizontal level, vibration and compaction thickness shall not exceed 45cm, to prevent the separation between the two layers.

(4) concrete is poured twice, the first time to about 20cm above the anchor plate. After the initial setting of the concrete, the scum is removed, the embedded bolts are accurately corrected, and the rest of the concrete is poured again, and the horizontal error of the foundation flange installation is not more than 1%.