How Important Is The Waterproof Performance Of LED Street Lamps?

- Jun 13, 2019-

  Led street lamps are exposed to the outside all the year round, which can withstand wind, rain and even rain and snow. In fact, they have a great influence on street lamps. If it is the place of continuous rainstorm, the lamp pole of the street lamp should also take protective measures, preferably the hot galvanizing, which can prevent the lamp pole from being corroded seriously on the outside and make the street lamp use longer.

   Light pole rust no more than hot dip galvanized, cold galvanized, plastic spray and other methods, the lamp holder should be how waterproof? In fact, this does not need to be a lot of trouble, because many manufacturers will take this into account when producing street lamp holders, most of the street lamp holders are waterproof.

  Not only that, many led outdoor street lamps have protection grade IP65, completely prevent the invasion of dust, rain does not seepage, bad weather is not afraid. However, all things cannot be treated as the same, because the waterproof performance of led street lamps depends on the manufacturer's manufacturing capacity and level. A large manufacturer can certainly be trusted, but a small workshop may not be able to guarantee this quality.

  However, if the led street lamp is not waterproof, it will be damaged and the application effect will be very poor, which will bring a lot of troubles to consumers. Because no one wants to change the lamp holder or the driver at the drop of a hat, this process is very annoying.

  Therefore, when buying led street lights, because to see the regular manufacturers, do not covet temporary cheap.