High Power Led Street Lamp

- Jun 12, 2019-

I.High-power LED street lamp, as its name implies, is a street lamp with a single power greater than 1 watt and a new LED semiconductor light source. Current standards of LED street lamp is generally road illumination uniformity (uniformity of road surfaceilluminance) 0.48, the average illuminance on the traditional is greater than the national standard 0.42. Spot ratio 1:2, in line with road illumination. (the actual 1/2 center spot reaches 25LUX,1/4 center light intensity reaches 15LUX, the lowest light intensity is 4LUX 16 meters away, and the overlapping light intensity is about 6LUX. At present, the street lamp lens material in the market is improved optical material, whose transmittance is ≥93%, temperature resistance is -38-+90 degrees, and UV UV yellow resistance is 30000 hours without change. It has very good application prospect in new city lighting. Dimming for depth, and color and other properties do not change with dimming.


1. The characteristics of LED street lamp itself -- the unidirectivity of light, no light diffusion, ensuring the illumination efficiency;

2. LED street lamp has unique secondary optical design, which can illuminate the light of LED street lamp to the required lighting area and further improve the lighting efficiency to achieve the purpose of energy saving;

3. LED light source efficiency has reached 100lm/W, and there is still great room for development, with theoretical value reaching 250lm/W. However, the luminous efficiency of high pressure sodium lamp increases with the increase of power. Therefore, the overall luminous efficiency of LED street lamp is stronger than that of high pressure sodium lamp.

4, the LED street light color display performance is much higher than the high-pressure sodium lamp, the high-pressure sodium lamp color display index is only about 23, and the LED street lamp color display index reaches more than 75, from the perspective of visual psychology, reach the same brightness, the LED street light illuminance can be reduced by more than 20% than the high-pressure sodium lamp, (refer to the British principle lighting standard);

5, LED street lamp light decline, a year of light decline less than 3%, use 10 years still reach the road lighting requirements, and high pressure sodium lamp decline, a year or so has dropped more than 30%, therefore, LED street lamp in the use of power design can be lower than high pressure sodium lamp;

6. LED street lamp is equipped with automatic control energy-saving device, which can reduce the power as much as possible and save electric energy under different lighting requirements in different periods.

7. LED is a low-voltage device, the voltage that drives a single LED is the safety voltage, and the single LED power of series products is 1 watt, so it is a safer power than using high-voltage power supply, especially suitable for public places (such as street lighting, factory and mine lighting, automobile lighting, civil lighting, etc.);

8. Each cell LED chip has a small volume, so it can be fabricated into various shapes of devices and is suitable for volatile environments.

9, long life: can use more than 50,000 hours, provide three years of quality assurance.

10. High light efficiency: the chip ≥100LM is adopted, which can save more than 75% energy compared with traditional high-pressure sodium lamp.

11. Easy installation: no need to add buried cables and no rectifier, etc., directly connect the lamp holder to the lamp pole or embed the light source into the original lamp shell.

12. Excellent heat dissipation control: the temperature in summer is controlled at about 45 degrees, and passive heat dissipation mode is adopted.

13. Reliable quality: the circuit power supply adopts all high-quality components, and each LED has its own over-current protection, so there is no need to worry about damage.

14. Uniform light color: no lens, no sacrifice of uniform light color to improve brightness, so as to ensure uniform light color without aperture.

Based on the above principles, the energy-saving effect of high-power LED street lamp is significant, which can save more than 60% of electricity instead of high-pressure sodium lamp.

Low maintenance cost: compared with traditional street lamps, LED street lamps have very low maintenance cost. After comparison, all the investment cost can be recovered in less than 2 years. 

III.Air convection heat dissipation type high power LED street lamps. Its purpose is to solve the problem of high power LED lamps and lanterns of heat dissipation, put forward a kind of air convection type high-power LED street lamps and lanterns, it includes a lamp holder components, lamps and lanterns of the cooling body and tail lamp components, lamps and lanterns of the cooling body components for chord, cylindrical shell openings on both ends, the two side arc cylinder for facade facade also have open hole array, the chord cylindrical shell lumen with 4 ~ 10 axial line and arc cylindrical chord cylindrical solid tud thermal conductive plate, stud the heat conducting plate and the chord two facade on either side of the cylindrical shell are also opened a hole array, The two facades on both sides of the vertical rib heat conducting plate and the arc-stringed column shell form 5 ~ 11 heat dissipation channels for hot air flow in the radiator assembly of the lamp. The advantages of the utility model are that the heat dissipation internal cavity has a plurality of heat dissipation channels for hot air flow, and the vertical rib heat conduction plate also serves as heat dissipation surface, the heat exchange surface is increased, and the heat emission efficiency is high.