Energy-saving Lamps

- Jul 02, 2019-

The working principle:

In addition to water, air, food and other necessities, light has always affected people's work and rest, living a sunrise and sunset life. Until 1879, Edison invented the electric light bulb (incandescent), its principle is: when the light access circuit, current flow through the heating effect of the filament, make the incandescent lamp for visible and infrared light, this phenomenon in the filament temperature up to 700 k can detect, because at work the filament temperature is very high, most of the energy wasted in the form of infrared radiation; At the same time, due to the high temperature of the filament, evaporation is also very fast, so the life is greatly shortened, about 2200 hours, and the light efficiency is about 12 (Lm) per watt. Before lighting system only pay attention to quantity, but today has been gradually moving towards exquisite, pay attention to the effect of saving energy. Due to the widespread use of lighting technology and lighting appliances, people's living standards are generally improved, and the demand for lighting equipment is surging day by day, which also increases the power consumption. Therefore, people begin to pay attention to the development of high-efficiency and high-quality lighting equipment. The electron energy-saving lamp mainly heats the filament of the tube through ballast. At the temperature of 1160K, the filament starts to emit electrons (some electron powder is coated on the filament). After the collision of argon atoms, the energy is obtained and the mercury atoms are ionized after the absorption of energy. Send out the ultraviolet ray of 253.7nm, ultraviolet ray stimulates fluorescent powder to give off light, the temperature of the filament when fluorescent lamp works is about 1160K, lower than the working temperature of incandescent lamp 2200K ~ 2700K, so its life is greatly increased to more than 8000 hours, and because it does not have the electric current thermal effect like incandescent lamp, can reach 60 lumens per watt (lm).

The dimension of energy-saving lamp and incandescent lamp are close, the interface with lamp holder also is same with incandescent lamp, can replace incandescent lamp directly so. The CFLS, officially known as rare earth tricolor compact fluorescent lamps, were created by philips of the Netherlands in the 1970s. It was included in the 863 promotion plan by the state, which was first promoted in jiaodong peninsula in shandong province. The two factories that responded the earliest were weihai beiyang and qixia lamps factory. However, due to the high cost in the early stage, it was difficult to promote. Relying on its advantageous geographical location and national policy support, guangdong produces energy-saving lamps in large quantities with low-cost raw materials and sells them to the whole country. Due to the vague concept of energy-saving lamps in the early days, halogen powder energy-saving lamps produced in guangdong have low cost and low market price. Currently, 80% of energy-saving lamps in China are produced in guangdong, and 80% of them are produced in guzhen town of zhongshan.

Under the premise of achieving the same light energy output, this kind of light source only needs to consume 1/5 to 1/4 of the electricity consumption of ordinary incandescent lamp, so as to save a lot of lighting energy and costs, so it is called energy-saving lamp.

Energy-saving lamps, in fact is a kind of compact, built-in ballast of fluorescent lamp, energy-saving lamp lit the first through the electronic ballast for lamp filament heating, filament start launch electronic (due to on the filament of electronic powder), electron collision filling inside the tubes of argon atoms, obtained after argon atom collisions within the energy and the impact of mercury atom, mercury atomic ionization produced after absorbing energy transition, to form plasma tubes inside.

On both ends of the tube voltage directly through plasma conduction and 253.7 nm ultraviolet radiation, ultraviolet provoked a phosphor luminescence, due to the fluorescent lamp to work around the filament temperature of 1160 k, than incandescent bulbs working temperature of 2200 k to 2700 k is much lower, so it is also the life of a big progress, more than 5000 hours, because it is in the electronic ballast with high efficiency, does not exist at the same time the current incandescent lamp as the thermal effect, high energy conversion efficiency of phosphor, more than 50 lumens per watt, so save power.


1) compact structure and small size.

2) high luminous efficiency of 60Lm/w, save more than 80% of electricity and save energy.

3) can directly replace incandescent bulbs.

4) long life, 6 ~ 10 times longer than incandescent lamp.

5) the inner wall of lamp tube is coated with protective film and the use of triple spiral filament can greatly extend the service life.

6) reduce heat release and save electricity.