Discussion On The Development Direction Of LED Street Lamps

- Aug 09, 2019-

1. Current status of street lamp management and maintenance

Maintenance costs include replacement of spare parts, purchase and maintenance of engineering equipment and machinery, annual budget made by street lamp management doors and one-time or batch procurement according to government procurement regulations.

Repair and maintenance of street lamps are usually performed by street lamp management itself, the street lamp management maintenance due to limited street lamp management personnel in recent years, area and is very big, in order to reduce costs, the management and maintenance of contracting engineering company to the street lamp, street lamp management department functions is the supervision and management of the project company, the use of roads and other public lighting can meet the national requirements, the street lamp management maintenance outsourcing is indeed for the management of the street lamp can save a lot of spending at the same time, also ensure the quality of the public lighting.

Ii. Key profit points of street lamp EMC model transformation

1. EMC concept:

ENERGY MANAGEMENT CONTRACT (EMC) is a new ENERGY saving mechanism based on market operation that was developed in western developed countries in the 1970s.

Contract energy management is not about selling products or technologies. It's about selling financial management methods that reduce energy costs.

2. LED street lamp is adopted as street lamp

As for the EMC project of transformation, there is a little deformation of EMC in the LED industry. At present, most of the LED lamp manufacturers are energy management and financing parties. However, professional contract energy management companies rarely carry out LED street lamp renovation projects.

The reason is that the street lamp management department (government) does not trust energy management companies without fixed assets, and the relevant laws and regulations are not perfect, and there is no authoritative energy audit system and units.

3. Key points of street lamp transformation in EMC mode:

A, the early stage of the data collection, to do fine as far as possible, including street lamp control box on load when the input and output voltage (more time measurement, including high and low), power factor, control the light road number, type of light source of lamps and lanterns, electrical appliances, lamps and lanterns of power, control time controller type lamps and lanterns, lamp work time in the middle of the night, street lamp power supply wire length, diameter, power supply transformer is designed, the control box, street lamp, lamp pole use time and so on, these professional designers or experienced project operations are to understand, in these data can increase how much energy saving rate.

B. For most street lamp renovation projects, lamps and lanterns will not be selected according to other lighting replacement methods. Instead, lamps and lanterns will be selected according to relevant national standards of road lighting or requirements of the owner, so that the road can reach the illumination value. At this point, the light efficiency of LED lamps is the most intuitive key point.

C. Light efficiency of LED lamps is the most intuitive key point, while the quality of LED lamps is an important key point. Whether LED lamp manufacturers are energy management investors or not, they have to bear a certain number of years of after-sales service.

D. The professional level of the contract energy management company is also very important in the street lamp transformation design scheme. If the number and power of lamps are obtained and replaced according to the road lighting standards and the applied LED street lamp lighting efficiency, the energy saving effect will be greatly reduced.

E. Construction management and cost control, and project quality control.

F. Fund management.

G. In contract negotiation, it is necessary to refine the terms and take sufficient consideration, so as to make clear such factors as the change of government, the change of competent departments, the change of main persons in charge, the payment process, energy saving measurement and calculation method, energy saving examination and approval, electricity price adjustment, after-sales service mode and scope.

In a word, major is very important.

Iii. Profit increase of street lamp EMC mode

1. When doing EMC, I can package the street lamp management and maintenance project. Even if it is returned to the street lamp management department or contracted to an engineering company, it is a profit growth point.

2. The ownership and right to use of the advertising space of lamp posts. Currently, the advertising fees of lamp posts in third-tier cities are low or no, so proper management is still a considerable income.