Analyze The Design Requirements Of LED Street Lamps

- Aug 08, 2019-

LED street lamp lighting products as a new road, it has the characteristics of high efficiency and energy saving, stable and reliable, luminous efficiency than traditional road lighting is several times higher than that of high pressure sodium lamp, lamps and lanterns of a long life, low power consumption, light failure is small, a year come down, still brightness, than ordinary street lamp energy saving more than 60%, is the ideal lighting, do you know what is it design requirement?

In the market, the common LED street lamp power supply adopts constant current power supply, which is determined by the characteristics of LED lighting materials. These materials are greatly affected by the environment, and if the rated current is exceeded for a long time, the service life of lamp beads will be greatly shortened, while the constant current power supply can ensure the current stability. LED street lamp design has the following requirements:

1. The biggest characteristic of lighting LED is the function of directional emission of light, because power LED is almost equipped with reflector, and the efficiency of this reflector is significantly higher than the efficiency of the lamp reflector. In addition, LED light efficiency detection has included the efficiency of its own reflector. Road lamps using LED should make the best use of the characteristics of directional emission of LED light, so that each LED in the road lamps directly shine light to each area of the road being illuminated, and then use the auxiliary light distribution of lamp reflector to achieve a very reasonable comprehensive light distribution of road lamps.

It should be said that road lamps and lanterns should really meet cjj45-2006 and CIE31 and CIE115 standard illuminance and illuminance uniformity requirements, lamps and lanterns should include three times of light distribution function to better achieve. The LED with reflector and reasonable beam output Angle itself has a good primary light distribution function. In the lamp, the installation position of each LED and the direction of emitting light can be designed according to the height and width of the road lamp. The reflector in this kind of lamp is only used as an auxiliary third light distribution means to ensure better uniformity of road illumination.

2. The power supply system of LED street lamp is different from the traditional light source. The constant current drive power which is specially needed by LED is a cornerstone to ensure its normal work. How to make a group of tightly compressed LED security, is also an indicator to investigate LED street lights. The requirement of LED driving circuit is to ensure constant current output. Because the junction voltage is relatively small in the changing region when LED is working in the forward direction, the constant driving current of LED is guaranteed, and the constant output power of LED is basically guaranteed. For the current situation of unstable power supply voltage supply in China, it is very necessary for the driving circuit of road lamps and lanterns LED to have constant current output characteristic, which can ensure constant light output and prevent the LED from running at excessive power.