Advantages Of Solar Motion Sensor Lights

- Apr 05, 2019-

Advantages of solar motion sensor lights

The solar motion sensor lamp has the photoelectric advantage that the traditional electric light source cannot match, making it more suitable for various fields of application, and has great application potential. The specific advantages of solar motion sensor lights are as follows. (1) Energy saving. The principle of illumination of solar motion sensor lights is different from that of incandescent lamps and gas discharge lamps. The energy conversion efficiency of the solar motion sensor is very high. Theoretically, the energy consumption is only 10% of that of incandescent lamps, and 50% less than that of fluorescent lamps. Under normal circumstances, high-brightness, high-power solar motion sensor lights, with high-efficiency electric bare. More than 80% energy saving than incandescent lamps. At the same power, its brightness is 10 times that of incandescent lamps. (2) Green and environmental protection. The solar motion sensor lamp is made of non-toxic semiconductor material. It does not contain toxic and harmful substances (such as mercury), which avoids the secondary pollution of the fluorescent tube and the mercury pollution. At the same time, it does not interfere with the radiation. It can be recycled and reused without causing environmental pollution. (3) Durable and long life. Semiconductor chip light. No filament. No Bray bubble. Not afraid of vibration. Not easy to break. The service life can reach 61,100,000 h (the life of ordinary incandescent lamp is only I 000h, and the service life of ordinary energy-saving lamp is only 8 000h); The solar motion sensor lamp is used under normal conditions. Its light attenuation to 70% of the nominal life is 100,000 h. It reduces the replacement rate and other maintenance work. Figure 2-2 compares the lifetime of solar motion sensor lights with conventional electric light sources. (4) The wavelength is specific, the monochromaticity is good, the light color is pure, the band is rich, and it is easy to combine to form a composite light quality. Since the typical solar motion sensor lamp has a narrow spectral range, it does not have a full spectrum like an incandescent lamp. It can reduce most of the near-infrared radiation spectrum. Therefore, the solar motion sensor light can be diversified in combination with the need, especially suitable for fields such as landscape lighting and plant lighting that have special requirements for the spectrum of the light source.

It shows the solar light sensor red light, solar motion sensor red light + solar motion sensor light far red light, solar motion sensor light red light + blue fluorescent light and its spectral energy distribution with metal halide lamps difference. (5) Strong anti-vibration. Since the exterior of the solar motion sensor lamp is mostly protected by epoxy resin, the sealing performance and the impact performance are good and are not easily damaged. (6) Strong moisture and water resistance. Well-packaged solar motion sensor lighting can be used in relatively high humidity environments and even underwater. (7) No flicker, no flaws outside the line. The solar motion sensor light is powered by DC. The light is stable and does not flicker, and the spectrum is mainly concentrated in the visible light city. There is no interference from the external line or infrared radiation. Thereby, the unfavorable shape caused by the stroboscopic effect can be avoided, the comfort of the human eye can be improved, and the vision can be protected. (8) The brightness is adjustable. The light-emitting principle of the solar motion sensor light brigade is reported. The luminous brightness of the solar motion sensor light or the light-emitting basin basically changes with the current. The working current can be large or small in the tilting range, and has good adjustability. It is the basis for the solar motion sensor bare light to achieve on-demand illumination and brightness stepless control. (9) High security. Safety is mainly manifested in the following aspects: (I) Solar motion sensor lighting lights do not contain toxic and harmful substances (such as mercury), avoiding the ecological toxicity of mercury caused by lamp rupture; 2 no interference radiation. Ultraviolet light and infrared light (common light line contains 萦 external line and infrared light). Light health; 3 light emitting surface contact is low, heat is small; 4 no Bray seal layer; 5 low voltage required (supply voltage is 6~24V) ), the current is small. It does not pose a safety hazard. It is suitable for use in dangerous places such as mines. (10) Easy to use in combination with solar energy and wind energy. Solar motion sensor lights can also be combined with solar cells for energy saving and environmental protection. It is suitable for remote and mountainous areas and outdoor lighting, such as lack of electricity and less electricity. (11) The response time is short. The response time of incandescent lamps is in the second order (140 to 200 ms), and the response time of the solar motion sensor lamps is nanosecond (60 nm). (12) Small size, light weight, easy to assemble and secondary optical design. The solar motion sensor lamp is small in size and light in weight. It is convenient for cloth and design of various equipments; in addition, it is easy to disperse or combine and control. The potential of diaphragm secondary optical design is great. Therefore, the solar motion sensor lights can be combined and versatilely combined. It is especially suitable for the most beautiful lighting and plant lighting, which have special requirements for the pupil spectrum. (13) The solar motion sensor lamp operates under DC low voltage and can be powered by battery or AC mains.