Will bad weather affect LED street lighting?

- Jul 12, 2019-

 LED solar street light is known as the energy conservation and environmental protection lighting products, its price is very reasonable, so cause a lot of people want to install the LED solar street light, solar products in use in many areas, but many people worry about, not only in the winter low temperature, and the sun light is weak, this case will not lead to solar street lamps not work properly?

  In fact, LED solar street lamps will not be affected normally in winter. However, if there is a heavy snow, it may be affected, especially in northeast China, where snow and wind in winter, once the solar panel is covered with thick snow, it will block the solar panel from receiving light, thus leading to insufficient LED solar street lamp heat energy conversion to electricity for street lighting.

  So in order for solar street lamps to work in the winter, it's best to clear the snow from the solar panels. In addition, when installing LED solar street lamps, we should fully consider the local climate conditions. If it is snowy and easy to accumulate, we should be cautious. We believe that with the continuous innovation and improvement of technology, all these problems can be solved.

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